Let’s talk about your company’s diversity and inclusion goals. How are things going? Are your goals within reach? Or does it seem impossible to be successful? If so, you might need to consider hiring a chief diversity officer. This person is responsible for reducing workplace discrimination. People of all ages, genders, races, religions, disabilities and sexual orientations should be treated equally. And they should be equally represented in your company. It’s a chief diversity officer’s job to make sure this happens. But how do you find the right person for this job? By writing the perfect chief diversity officer job description.

The chief diversity officer job description

To write a good chief diversity officer job description, you need to know what this person needs to do. And what skills are needed to perform the job.

You hire a chief diversity officer to promote equality in your company. For them to do so, it might be necessary to organize training sessions. And for the chief diversity officer to advise about the effects of discrimination. Equality issues must be brought to everyone’s attention, and it’s vital to promote change. Of course, minority employees need to feel heard, and the chief diversity officer must be easy to approach.

To be able to fulfill these tasks, the chief diversity officer needs to be:

  • A good listener;
  • Able to relate to a large group of people;
  • A confident and patient person; and
  • A good negotiator.

Besides the qualifications above, it’s advisable for a chief diversity officer to have good verbal and written communication skills.

Use Textmetrics to write a chief diversity officer job description

How do you write a chief diversity officer job description that appeals to as many people as possible? To men and women alike, and to people of all ages.

You can use the Textmetrics platform to write the perfect chief diversity officer job description. An inclusive job description with a gender-neutral tone of voice. One that contains words that appeal to both men and women. And that is free of any bias (such as age bias or gender bias).

In other words, job posts that attract diverse candidates and help you find the best candidate for the job.

Once hired, your chief diversity officer can use the Textmetrics platform as well. Because inclusive job descriptions are the first step toward the recruitment of diverse candidates. And they will make the job of a chief diversity officer a lot easier.

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