Israpil Nalgiev

Developer & Support Specialist Textmetrics
November 19, 2021

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An augmented writing platform can help with writing inclusive texts

Do you wish to be an inclusive and diverse company? One that does not exclude people based on age, gender, race, religion and more? Then, the language you use in your communications needs to be inclusive. You need to avoid words, expressions and assumptions that exclude people, even if done unintentionally. An augmented writing platform can be a big help here. It’s best described as a technology that serves as a writing coach. You can, amongst other things, use it to write inclusive texts. If you’re excluding people without even knowing it, an augmented writing platform is of unprecedented value.


Why should you use inclusive language?

If you use inclusive language, you show that you are part of a sensitive, respectful and open-minded company. You acknowledge that your target group consists of different people. People of different ages, genders, religions and backgrounds. And that you can only reach all of them by using inclusive language. By doing so, you take a major step toward becoming more inclusive and diverse.


Inclusive language and augmented writing platform

You can use an augmented writing platform to write inclusive texts. It analyzes what you’ve written and gives you suggestions to be more inclusive. These suggestions may be related to one of the following rules for inclusive language:

  • Write in a human-centered, gender-neutral way, rather than using only he/she.
  • Address the reader directly, using “you”.
  • Do not distinguish based on age.
  • Avoid stereotypes and/or associations. You unconsciously use these more often than you think. A prime example is pink for women and blue for men.
  • Apply the WCAG guidelines.

Of course, you can also try to implement all the rules above every time you write a text. But it’s not as easy as it seems to do it right. So why don’t you let an augmented writing platform do it for you?


The Textmetrics augmented writing platform

You can use the Textmetrics augmented writing platform to create more diverse and inclusive texts. Our platform uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to read and analyze your content. And it provides you with real-time suggestions for improvements. It does not replace you as a writer. But you can use it to write more inclusive texts. These will help you become a more inclusive and diverse company.

Want to try Textmetrics? Click here for a free trial!

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