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December 18, 2023

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7 tips to attract Gen Z with your job ad

Gen Z – the generation born between 1997 and 2012 – is ready to enter the job market. Don’t scare them off with a job ad where you demand 4 years experience for a starter job on minimum wage. Gen Z has the whole digital world at their fingertips and they know there is no way anyone could, or would want to, comply with this.

There are better ways to appeal to this new and fresh generation. Read on for the best tips to invite these young people into your company.


7 tips to attract Gen Z

Gen Z’ers have played on the iPad since they were one year old and they designed their first game characters when they were five. This means their brains are developed in a different manner than ours. Take this into account with all your communications and learn to know them from this point of view.

Of course Gen Z’ers are all unique individuals, but there definitely are some general rules to follow to attract the top talents of this generation.


1. Social media – be there

You might think it’s silly when the police are dancing on TikTok, but it most likely is smart branding to attract the younger generations.


2. Ideology – mission statement and impact

Gen Z is ideologically driven. Emphasize the sustainability of the company and the impact their employees make. If there’s nothing big to mention, then focus on the small things, like everyone getting their own personalized coffee cups.


3. Work-life balance better be good

Work-life balance really is important for Gen Z. Offer flexible hours and hybrid working, so they can still have a life besides work.


4. Diversity and inclusion

Everyone feels like the odd one out from time to time. An inclusive environment is like a second home where everyone feels welcome.


5. Opportunities for personal and professional growth

Offer mentorships, sporting facilities or training programs to advance their career or sense and presentation of self. This is a highly sought after perk by Gen Z.


6. Emphasize technology and innovation

This tech-savvy generation is interested in all new and innovative technology. A customer service job? – Not interested. A customer service job where they’ll be training and overviewing chatbots? – Perfect!
Mention new technology wherever possible.


7. Use the right language

Don’t do a salty post with corporate jargon, but be sure to be lit. Don’t overdo the Gen Z lingo though, because that wouldn’t be authentic. And authenticity is a must for success.


Making the best job ad to attract Gen Z talent

Incorporate all former points in your hiring strategy. Go on TikTok or Instagram and put the link to your job ad in your bio.

And finally: use the Textmetrics Job Description Generator to help you focus on equity and inclusion and to avoid all types of bias.

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