Koen Brummelhuis

Customer Success Manager
October 27, 2023

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How to meet the expectations of employees

Are you working at an HRM-department or are you an employer yourself? The search for the best employees is challenging, especially when it seems all companies are fighting to take them in. Don’t join the fight, but use the psychological approach instead: find out what makes most employees tick.

In the following article we explore what the expectations of employees are when they are looking for their first job or an upgrade in their working situation.


Realistic basic employee expectations

Most employee expectations are very reasonable. Take those into account and you’ll create a happy crew for many years to come. So what are employees looking for in their work?
1. Autonomy
People that are good at their jobs know what they’re doing. They improve daily and take responsibility for their work. They need their manager to trust them to do their work best. A micro manager will chase them away instead.
2. Flexible working hours
People with children need to improvise sometimes. Let them work remotely or leave early if needed. But neuro-divergent people as well might need their quiet day at home to get their work done. Is remote working not possible in your area of work? Then be flexible with the work schedules and always have a back-up available.
3. Connection and collaboration
Working together sparks the connection an employee feels with the company. An environment that stimulates the team spirit among employees, makes the workplace feel like a second home, but enhances the productivity as well.
4. Training programs
Free training programs are a huge incentive for employees. Offer training to improve the skills of existing employees, or use training to attract new employees. Go to schools to offer internships to have a constant flow of new candidates.
5. Diversity
How nice is it for a girl to work as a programmer surrounded by just men? Would she be at ease or would she feel the odd one out? She probably wouldn’t. The more diverse the team is, the more included and accepted people feel. If everyone is different, then everyone is the same.


An all inclusive employee search

Some groups of employees are often overlooked. Now is the time to give them a chance to join your team. People with disabilities can have perfect brains, and older people have lots of life and work experience. These might be your best and most loyal future employees.


Unrealistic employee expectations?

Employees without any work experience sometimes have unrealistic expectations for their first job. Don’t get upset about this, but offer them a mentor program to learn how to use their talents to the fullest, while preserving a great work-life balance.

Use your recruitment communications to showcase your company as a great place to work. Textmetrics analyzes and improves your job postings, to communicate effectively that your company is a place that meets all employee expectations!

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