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July 29, 2021

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5 ways to improve your diversity recruitment strategy

Has your company set ambitious diversity and inclusion goals? Then you’ll need a successful diversity recruitment strategy to reach them. You want to hire a diverse range of people. Diverse when it comes to age, gender, race, sexual orientation and religion. And diverse in terms of skills, education, experience, values and knowledge. That is what diversity recruitment is all about.

The more diverse your company is, the more productive and innovative it is. And there are more benefits to a successful diversity recruitment strategy. It also leads to better performance and a wider range of skills and experience in the workforce. During recruitment, it means you’ll have a larger candidate pool to hire talented candidates from.

The ‘what’ and ‘why’ of diversity recruitment are clear. Up next, we’ll tell you all about the ‘how’.

How to improve diversity recruitment?

There are several ways to improve your company’s diversity recruitment strategy. We have listed the 5 most important ways below.

1. Develop an employer brand that showcases your diversity

Do you want a diverse group to apply for your jobs? Then you’ll need to appeal to all of them. To do so, you’ll need an employer brand known for valuing diversity. Your employees play an important role here. You can use their stories and experiences to show how diverse your workforce is.

2. Use AI/technologies

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a great technology to increase the diversity in your recruitment strategy. One thing it can help you with is removing bias when recruiters screen candidates’ resumes. An AI-driven platform can scan the resumes for you, eliminating the need for recruiters to make the first selection.

3. SEO optimization/optimize for Google for jobs

Do you want as many people as possible to get to see your job descriptions? Then you’ll need to optimize your job descriptions for SEO and Google for Jobs. That’s important because the more people you reach, the greater the diversity of the candidates who apply.

4. Use inclusive language

When you use inclusive language, you minimize the group that feels excluded. Job descriptions often contain more masculine words (gender bias). Or exclude older people (age bias). These forms or bias can be removed with inclusive writing.

5. Attract diverse talent pool

Use social media and job boards known for their diversity to advertise your job descriptions. A diverse talent pool is within your reach.

How Textmetrics can help with your diversity recruitment strategy

The Textmetrics platform can help you with a diversity recruitment strategy. With the focus on the improvement of this strategy. For this, it uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to read and analyze your content. You’ll then receive real-time suggestions for improvements that will help you:

  • develop the right employer brand (one that showcases your diversity);
  • optimize your job descriptions for SEO and Google for Jobs;
  • use more inclusive language (free from biases); and
  • find the right tone of voice for everyone in your target group.

Curious about the platform? And how you can work on a diversity recruitment strategy? Let us know. We’d love to tell you all about it.

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