Leontien Rutenfrans

Marketing Manager Textmetrics
February 25, 2022

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4 ways to improve your employer branding – part 2

Have you read part one of this blog post yet? Then you know that becoming a more diverse and inclusive company requires a lot of patience. It takes a lot of time and effort. But reaching your diversity and inclusion goals can be accelerated by focusing on building a strong employer brand. And by positioning yourself as an employer of choice. In part one of this blog post, we shared four ways to improve your employer branding. Perhaps you’ve thought about how to work on these already. But as you do so, you should know we have four more ideas to share with you. Read on to discover what they are.


4 employer branding best practices

The importance of building a strong employer brand is clear. Let’s now discover how you can become a company everyone wants to work for. And how you can build that desirable reputation required to reach your diversity and inclusion goals.

  • Do something to benefit a cause. Your company values are important for your employer brand. You can demonstrate your values by doing something to benefit a cause. By volunteering or donating for example. If jobseekers identify with these causes, you might end up on their list of top companies to work for.
  • Be present on social media. Social media, especially LinkedIn, is one of the best places to promote your employer brand. Many jobseekers use social media to find out more about a company. Seize this opportunity by sharing testimonials from current employees on your LinkedIn Career Page. Or use Instagram or Facebook to stream an event you’re hosting or attending.
  • Help your employees be present on social media. Your existing employees can also play an important role in your social media presence. It’s even better if they share positive stories about working at your company themselves. Support them in doing so. Teach them how to use social media. And train them on the brand guidelines they should follow when using social media.
  • Be friends with like-minded companies. Build relationships with companies that share your values. Engage with them on social media or host events together. Through the shared effort of building a good reputation, you’ll get results faster. Of course, it’s even better to be connected with like-minded companies that already have an impeccable reputation.


Use Textmetrics to improve your employer branding

In part one of this blog, we shared four ways to improve your employer branding. Above, we’ve listed four more ways. You now have the tools required to build a good reputation. The Textmetrics platform can support you here. Building a strong employer brand also requires work on your written communication. All the content you publish has to reflect your brand identity. The Textmetrics platform provides you with real-time suggestions while you write. And gives you alternatives for words that deviate too far from your employer brand.

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