November 5, 2015

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When are your SEO goals accomplished?

When do you speak of a successful SEO? Research has shown that most search engine users (70%) do not look beyond the first four search results. Therefore, it is definitely important to delve into the SEO of your pages. Search engines are striving to show search results that have quality and relevance. In addition SEO changes regularly as search engines are frequently updated. So you have to keep up-to-date with your pages, in that way your SEO continues to operate. Do you wonder if you’re on the right track with SEO and if your SEO is successful? Go through this checklist, so you definitely won’t overlook anything

The SEO checklist

Step 1: Determine the right keywords

Once you determine the keywords for a page, it is important to first determine who your target audience exactly is. Try to empathize with your target audience! Consider this: on what terms is your audience looking for in search engines? These will be the keywords of your pages. After this you can “test” these keywords whether they are effective with Textmetrics. When you create a new page in the tool, you can enter your keywords and analyze them. Besides Textmetrics also gives suggestions of keywords that you could use. You immediately see whether these keywords are good, this is determined by the volume and competition. Very handy right?

Step 2: The structure

The structure includes organizing your keywords on the right pages. You could use different categories and subcategories to organize your keywords to the right pages. In that way you make sure that your website gets stuck logical. This is also convenient for the visitors of your website. In addition, the structure also consists of the accessibility of your homepage (most preferably, within two clicks to reach), breadcrumbs (showing where you are on the website), an existing sitemap and the site structure has to be visible in the URL of the page. When you delve into this structure you already have a good basis for the SEO of your website.

Step 3: The content

It is important that all the content on your website contains a meta title and meta description. This also counts for the images and videos on your website. A good meta title has a maximum of 70 characters and this includes spaces, it must inspire clickthroughs and your keyword has to be in this title once.How to write a good meta description and what it exactly is can be found in this blog. The texts of your website are also covered by the content. These texts you can easily write with Textmetrics and your text will immediately be SEO friendly. Wondering how to write a good web text? Take a look at this blog.

Step 4: The authority

Are there other websites that link to your website? It is useful to think about this question. For example you could ask other related websites if they want to link to your website. As a website owner, you can also spread messages with links to your website, these links could contain blogs.

When you have completed the list above, you are definitely on track with the SEO of your website. Yet these are not the only aspects that determine the degree of SEO for your pages. SEO is constantly changing and this also involves the various aspects of SEO. Keep your pages so up-to-date, so you will make the most of the SEO of your pages! This can be done for example by regularly publishing new texts on your pages using Textmetrics. However, it is difficult to determine when your SEO is successful. It mainly depends on what you want to achieve with SEO. Do you want to appear above your competition in the search results? Or do you want more visitors on your website? However, this SEO checklist will certainly ensure that you have a good foundation. What do you want to achieve with SEO? Let us know on twitter.

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