Leontien Rutenfrans

Marketing Manager Textmetrics
May 26, 2022

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The time to get started with employer branding is now

Have you noticed that it is not as easy to recruit new employees as it was a decade ago? The reason for this is twofold. Currently, there just aren’t that many people who are looking for a new job. The number of jobseekers is lower than the number of vacancies. Secondly, you’re probably more focused on diversity and inclusion now than you were 10 years ago. You don’t just want to hire the best possible candidate. You also want to build a more diverse workforce. To attract employees when jobseekers are scarce, you need to position yourself as a company people want to work for. Employer branding helps you achieve this.


The necessity of employer branding

In the years to come, the battle for talent is only going to get more intense. That’s one reason why it’s important to act now. An aging population means you’ll probably have more positions to fill in the years to come. At the same time, the number of jobseekers won’t increase. Another reason to embrace employer branding now is your diversity and inclusion goals. You have probably noticed that these aren’t easy to reach. Employer branding can make a real difference here. Jobseekers are more likely to apply to companies with a strong employer brand.


How to build a strong employer brand

It’s obvious why now is the best time to get started on building your employer brand. But how do you get on with it? By following the three tips below:

  • Be authentic
    When you’re building an employer brand, it’s very important to be authentic. How does your company distinguish itself from competitors? What do you have to offer? By being honest and authentic, you can build an employer brand that truly fits your organization.
  • Let your employees speak up
    The best ambassadors for your employer brand are the people who already work for you. Ask them to tell stories about what it is like to work at your company.
  • Keep in touch with candidates
    When it comes to employer branding, communication is key. It’s important to keep in touch with candidates during the application process. If you fail to do so and leave them unhappy, they might leave a bad review online. That is the last thing you want.


Let Textmetrics give you a head start

To build a strong employer brand, you need to work on all of your written communication. That’s where the Textmetrics platform comes in. You can use it to analyze all of the content you publish. Should you deviate too far from your brand identity, the platform will give you real-time suggestions to change this. As a result, you’ll know that all of your written content is consistent with your employer brand. An important step in getting started with employer branding.

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