October 28, 2020

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The role of digitization in recruitment

The role of digitization in recruitment

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated the role of digitization in business. Practically overnight, we all had to work from home and find new ways to stay productive. As a result, the use of online applications increased enormously. It can be said that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the potential of digitization is finally being exploited.

We also see an increased use of digitization in the recruitment industry. More than ever, the recruitment sector recognizes the need for automation when it comes to staying in touch with clients and potential candidates. The same goes for the importance of well-written job postings that are easy to find in order to address the right candidates. 

Accelerated digitization within the recruitment industry

For recruiters, the coronavirus pandemic means that they are not able to visit clients as much as they used to, and that job interviews with candidates are now mainly done online. This can be challenging. There is much less or no in-person interaction, which can increase the time needed for the recruitment process and might decrease the efficiency. However, digitization also offers recruiters a number of interesting advantages:

Accelerated automation

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the shortage of talent was one of the biggest challenges recruiters had to deal with. Now that more and more people have lost their jobs, that is no longer the case.  

What recruiters are now faced with are sectors where there is suddenly a high demand for staff. How can recruiters process large numbers of online assessments and job interviews as quickly and effectively as possible? The use of new, automated recruitment techniques is exactly what they need. 

Video calls

Job interviews are an important but time-consuming part of the recruitment process. With face-to-face applications no longer possible, recruiters quickly discovered that there are plenty of useful tools for online interviews, including some that even allow recruiters to pick up on applicants’ non-verbal signals, which is an important aspect of interviewing. 

Using online application tools saves both recruiters and candidates a lot of valuable time. For example, candidates save time and money on travel, while recruiters notice that their time-to-hire is shortened.

More attention for well-written job postings

Recruiters have known for some time that well-written, easy-to-find online job ads are essential for an effective recruitment process. Nevertheless, it was a challenge for many to fit this into their daily work at the office. Now that recruiters have more time—because, among other things, there is less distraction from colleagues and fewer ad-hoc requests when working from home—recruiters are paying more attention to writing advertisements that appeal to their target candidates. In addition to the fact that recruiters are focusing more on writing good vacancy texts, today’s technology can also be a huge help. Textmetrics offers tools that help you make sure that your recruitment texts are well-written, easy to find and fully targeted at the right audience.    

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