Four tips to improve the readability of your job ads

Are you getting fewer responses to your job descriptions than expected? Maybe that’s because very few people can understand them. The language used might be too difficult. Average reading levels are dropping. This has an impact on the number of readers. Because just like many other companies, you probably want a more diverse and inclusive workforce. And that starts with job ads that everyone can understand. This means producing job ads that are written at a B1 level. And it means following the tips below!  

This is the second of two articles in which we give you four tips about writing accessible job descriptions. Discover the second four below.

  1. Use shorter words

Words that have multiple syllables are harder to read. Especially for people with reading disabilities, such as dyslexia. For them, you should use synonyms with fewer syllables. Examples are:

  • ‘Need’ instead of ‘requirement’.
  • ‘Team’ instead of ‘personnel’. 
  • ‘About’ instead of ‘regarding’.
  • ‘Buy’ instead of ‘purchase’.

Many words with multiple syllables have a shorter synonym. Sometimes, it just takes a little time to discover them. 

  1. Avoid the use of jargon

Jargon can make it hard for people to understand job ads. Maybe you often use industry jargon because you’re so used to it. For outsiders, these terms might be completely unknown. In this wat you can exclude people. Simply because they don’t know the jargon. 

  1. Use inclusive language 

You want to motivate everyone to apply. Men and women. And people of all ages and ethnicities. It’s the only way to achieve your diversity and inclusion goals. To do so, your job ads need to be free of any bias. Often, older people are excluded in job ads. And most job descriptions have a more masculine tone of voice. This age and gender bias is not inclusive and needs to be avoided. You need to write in a way that appeals to everyone, and do so at an understandable B1 level.  

  1. Write in the same way as you speak 

To increase the readability of a job description, you should write in the same way as you speak. One way to do so is to ask questions. Just like you would ask candidates questions during a job interview. Another strategy is writing in first and second person. You can achieve this by using ‘we’ or ‘our’ (first person). And ‘you’ and ‘your’ (second person) in your job ads. Just like you do when you talk to people in person.  

How Textmetrics can help writing at B1 reading level

You’ve just read four tips to improve the readability of your job ads. And we shared four more with you here. Do you want some help? The Textmetrics platform can help. The platform uses AI algorithms to assess the readability of your job description. And gives you suggestions to reach the desired B1 level. All to improve the readability. As a result, more people will apply, and it will be easier to reach your D&I goals. 

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