July 15, 2019

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The Impact of AI on Corporate Communication

It is only common-sense that corporate communication is trustworthy. Not only within a company but publicly as well. Many communication staff members often find it challenging to choose the right words for their text and write it at the right time. For those people, and all the others that work in communication, the answer of the near future is Artificial Intelligence – AI.

AI is on the brink of conquering the world. It will enhance the communication of any company, small or large. And for those of you who think AI is the next ‘enemy’ to replace staff, don’t be afraid. This intelligence is meant to make your job easier, not to replace you.

What can AI do for you?

Over the last twenty years, the internet has helped us to communicate in a far swifter way we ever thought possible. The internet has no character by itself. The character of the messages sent through the internet is created by the sender. Good, bad, ugly (for the movie-lovers), it is the sender who defines that, not the internet. The same goes for AI; it is neither good nor bad; it merely exists.

What can AI do for a company?

  • It can emphasize the human factor in communication: the truth, the experience and, as some people believe, in the end, human freedom. Artificial intelligence can give the human being its ultimate form.
  • AI can give you in-depth information of what living networks do and don’t, can report on insights it gets up to a minute in real time and give you trend assessments. All this while analyzing first whether you need the information it has available for you.
  • AI will use virtual and reality applications to deliver news to your public, targeting those for whom the news is meant. Small or large, any public crowd can receive exactly what is interesting to them. Conferences no longer group around a three-way telephone-set but can be virtually experienced as if one was there.

Fake news

People want to trust the companies they do business with. Which makes sense, since there is so much fake news these days. The public finds it hard to fish out the facts from the pulp they must plow through. So corporate communication must be trustworthy. Communication departments should always be aware of that because if people lose trust, credibility is down as well. A communication team should be in touch with the reality of today within the market they operate in. A slow department that lacks vision will be degraded merciless, which gives competitors the opportunity to swoop in and win the battle.

  • AI is an assistant in marketing and/or recruitment marketing. The one who uses AI gives the message its final touch. As such, AI is neither bad nor good. It’s just a robot. A thing. And this “thing” Textmetrics is providing, gives the writer exactly the language level that is easy to understand and processed by the mass audience the writer is targeting.
  • AI will be able to assess crises faster, using preset criteria to do so. Its bots will assist the communication teams during a crisis, without any emotions, focused solely on solving the problem.

“All of us”

It won’t be too long before there is another concept of corporate communication. This so-called identity-based corporate communication will be so precise that it can communicate with each person individually. This may sound frightening at first, we don’t want to give out “all of us” to any or all companies. But realizing “all of us” is already out in the open, fine-tuned communication could be an asset to both company and customer.

  • We must realize that AI is learning while it is working. AI recruiting becomes more and more specific. Not getting messages in your inbox anymore that aren’t really of interest to you, may be a relief.
  • AI can do so much more for us. Designing templates for messages or brochures, templates that touch the soul of those who read them. A more captivated audience is guaranteed.
  • There are many companies with an online presence using AI chatbots to serve their customers. Not always to 100% satisfaction, yet, but AI will learn and get better. You think you’re talking to Anna? Kevin? Or Sylvia perhaps? Think again! You’re chatting with a bot and if that bot doesn’t give you the full answer you need, then, and only then, you send an email to customer services.

There is a new era of communication coming and we can choose to avoid it or embrace it. Those who embrace it are in for an interesting ride with new perspectives around every corner. “Snooze or lose” was a slogan on the internet for a long time. It might apply to AI as well.

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