August 26, 2021

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The benefits of an augmented writing platform

Gender bias, age bias and jargon. These are just a few of the things that prevent job descriptions from reaching your total target group. While reaching as many people as possible is the only way to achieve your company’s diversity and inclusion goals. An augmented writing platform can be of help here. As a technology that serves as a writing coach, it prevents all above issues and more. Think of it as a virtual assistant that writes job descriptions for you. We’ll tell you all about the benefits below. 

An augmented writing platform removes bias from job descriptions

Bias in job descriptions is a problem. A lot of job descriptions suffer from gender bias and age bias. As a recruiter, you have the best intentions. You don’t want to exclude anyone. In fact, you really want to reach as many people as possible. But you fail to do so. One issue is that many job descriptions have a more masculine tone of voice. This is a gender bias that results in women not feeling spoken to. And as a result, they don’t apply for the role. Another well-known bias is age bias. Older people have to deal with this the most. They feel excluded through the words and phrases used in job ads. And because of that, they don’t apply. 

Spotting bias in job descriptions isn’t easy. That’s why you can really benefit from the help of an augmented writing platform. It helps you write job descriptions without bias. Do you succeed in doing so? Then you’ll reach a much larger percentage of your target group.

Less jargon and the right tone of voice

Besides bias, there are more things an augmented writing platform can help you with. One of them is eliminating jargon from your job ads. These are industry-specific words that not everyone understands. You use them because they are known to you. An augmented writing platform gives you suggestions for more common, easy-to-understand alternatives. Another thing an augmented writing platform does is determine if the tone of voice used fits the target group. And whether the words you’ve chosen are too difficult to understand. 

This all leads to the same result. More people will understand your job ads. The more people understand your job ads. The more people will apply.

The Textmetrics platform 

Augmented writing platforms can help you write better job ads. At Textmetrics, we offer an augmented writing platform. It uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence. Your job posts:

  • Will be free of bias 
  • Will use less jargon. 
  • Will have the right tone of voice 
  • Will have fewer difficult words. 

We’d love to tell you more about how you can benefit from Textmetrics!

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