September 3, 2020

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Textmetrics wins SME/MKB Award 2020

Textmetrics wins the SME Proof Award 2020

The corona crisis accelerates all kinds of processes and we see that the use of digital technologies increases rapidly. As the economy needs to adapt to this change, digitization keeps the economy in the air. This requires a lot, both from managers and executives. The need for effective communication with customers is rapidly increasing and must be taken to a higher level. At the same time, costs, misunderstandings and extra actions must be kept to a minimum. Textmetrics tackles each of the listed challenges and for this reason we won the SME Proof Award 2020. This award is presented annually by the editorial teams of WINMAG Pro and entrepreneurial platform Baaz to products and services that offer an exceptional solution for modern SMEs.

Why did we win this award?

Textmetrics innovates with AI and ML to improve business communication. Marketers can analyze keywords and writers receive feedback to improve the readability and findability of texts. The platform, based on AI and ML, analyzes texts at a glance and provides feedback that increases readability and effectiveness. Our software makes a company less dependent on highly talented writers. With Textmetrics everyone learns to write more effectively. Although the software includes marketing tools such as a keyword tracker, it is not only about findability and SEO, but also about readability, grammar and vocabulary.

Textmetrics can be configured to assess texts based on a target audience. If a text should also be easily understood by low-literate people, the feedback will take this into account. And if a text is intended for female readers, the software applies vocabulary research to provide word suggestions that are appreciated by female writers and readers.

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