June 2, 2015

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Founded In Holland Startup Awards 2015


Textmetrics in the picture:

“Founded In Holland Summer Startup Awards 2015”

In the last few months, we’ve been very busy with improving our Textmetrics experience & network. We added readability scores, auto save, new export opportunities, a tool-tour and a lot more features. We’ve had contact with a lot of users and experts to decide which way to follow in the future.

And luckily, our hard work got noticed by multiple Dutch online platforms, like ‘Dutchcowboys‘, ‘Frankwatching‘ and Founded In Holland!

And now, as the crowning glory to our work, we have the chance to win our first award! Founded In Holland presents the “Summer Startup Awards 2015”!

We’re very proud to announce that we’ve been nominated out of hundreds of Dutch Startups that are included in this wall of fame for Dutch Startups! 

That’s why we wanted to put you guys in the spotlight:


Thanks a lot for voting! We really appreciate your opinion and feedback!

But we’re not there yet, there are still 10 companies in the running for this award. And now that we’ve been nominated, we would love to win this award of course!

So that’s why we wanted to ask you one more favor, please vote for Textmetrics one more time, if we are your favorite Dutch Startup of 2015!

We’d love to fulfill your need for a long time from now and this would be the perfect way to celebrate our first few months!

Click on this banner to vote or go to awards.foundedinholland.com and help us win this award!



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