Leontien Rutenfrans

Marketing Manager Textmetrics
February 4, 2022

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SEO and recruitment: the use of SEO in job descriptions

You need a good job description to find the right candidates for a job. This is something that every recruiter knows. In times when talent is scarce, a well-written job ad can help you stand out. But how valuable is a good job description if very few people read it? To find the right person for the job, you need to reach your entire target group. Especially if you value diversity and inclusion. Because to become a more diverse workplace, your job ads need to attract a diverse group of people. SEO plays a very important role in recruitment. Because using SEO in job descriptions makes them easy to find in search engines like Google and Bing. And these are the places where jobseekers go to search for their dream job.


Why SEO in job descriptions is important

SEO is short for search engine optimization. It’s a marketing method to improve the visibility and ranking of your content in search engines. The higher you rank in a search engine like Google, the more visible your content is. Are you successfully writing SEO-friendly job descriptions? Then you could rank somewhere on the first page of a search engine. These are the positions you want. Because they are the most likely to be seen by people searching for jobs. 

To reach everyone in your target group, you need to know what they search for when looking for jobs. These are the keywords you need to use in your job descriptions. SEO in job descriptions can only be successful when you use the right keywords.


How to write SEO-friendly job descriptions

SEO-friendly job descriptions contain one main keyword and some synonyms. It’s good to add your location to your keyword. Most jobseekers include a location when they search for jobs online. You should also mention the keyword in the title of the job description. Other places you should mention the keyword are:

  • in one of the subtitles (H2) of the job description; and
  • in the first paragraph of the job description—preferably at the beginning.

You should use the keyword approximately six times throughout your job description. This is based on a job description of 500–600 words.


Textmetrics and SEO in job descriptions

The Textmetrics platform has a special recruitment module for SEO in job descriptions. It provides you with real-time suggestions for improvements. Perhaps you need to add a synonym of the keyword to your job ad. Or you need to mention the keyword once more in a subtitle. If you implement all the suggestions, your job descriptions will have the perfect SEO score. And, as a result, they will be easy to find online. Just what you need to attract a diverse group of talented candidates.

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