Why textmetrics?

Our partners

We’ve teamed up with some amazing companies to offer you a top-notch onboarding experience! Our partners offer training and workshops to give you the best possible input for all your communication needs.


The Source CODΞ Agency is like a superhero squad that helps awesome companies supercharge their talent acquisition skills!

They offer training to help with everything from auditing and improving your recruitment process, to recommending cutting-edge tech, to teaching sourcing skills live or online.

Their squad of experienced consultants are ready to come to your rescue!




No Labels believes in a world of work where every person feels seen and valued for who they are, beyond the labels. No Labels helps teams and organizations promote inclusion and diversity through inspiring and interactive workshops, training courses, and programs.

Their programs are great for recruiters, HR advisors, and executives who want to improve their recruitment process, develop inclusive leadership, and foster teamwork.

They offer these services both locally and internationally.


Virtual & on-site training possible in consultation.

Would you like to delve deeper into the different aspects of inclusive communication or give your team the confidence in using it?

Use this training to create awareness and to feel the importance of D&I in your team before implementing the Textmetrics platform.




Text optimization, anytime and anywhere with Textmetrics.

Our Tech Partners

Is your company’s current system not on the list or do you use a custom-made system? No worries! Textmetrics can seamlessly integrate with any system.
Just reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and wishes!

Curious about combining your writing system with Textmetrics?