Leontien Rutenfrans

Marketing Manager Textmetrics
maart 5, 2021

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Data-driven recruitment for a more diverse workforce

Data-driven recruitment is an innovation used for a data-driven approach to the recruitment process. It is based on the use of technologies, techniques and data to analyze a large group of candidates. It helps recruiters find candidates with the right skills, experience and mindset to be successful in the job they are recruiting for. Data-driven recruitment means significant changes in the recruitment process, and it seems to be especially helpful if you want more diversity and inclusion in your workforce but haven’t managed to achieve that yet. 

How data-driven recruitment works

In the past, recruiters would only read application letters to determine if someone was a suitable candidate. Now, with data-driven recruitment, you can collect and analyze data from several sources, like social media, past jobs and online publications. This information is taken into consideration when deciding if a candidate should be invited for an interview or not. It also rules out the possibility of biases playing a role in the recruitment process, like the well-known age bias and gender bias. 

Advantages of data-driven recruitment 

There are a number of advantages of using data-driven recruitment in your hiring process. Two of them are directly linked to a more diverse and inclusive workforce:

  • You make decisions based on facts

When you’re going through a stack of resumes and application letters of equally qualified candidates, how do you choose which one to invite for an interview? Your gut feeling probably plays a role here. And more often than not, the choice you make is based on emotions or bias. In these cases, data-driven recruitment makes the decision for you. There might even be data hidden in one candidate’s work history that makes him or her more or less suitable for the job. 

  • You write better job descriptions

Data-driven recruitment can also help you write better job descriptions that give you more valuable responses. It helps you write job descriptions that appeal to your entire target group and that they can easily understand. With data-driven recruitment, you can reduce the bias in your job descriptions, writing more inclusive job posts that, for example, don’t just persuade men or young people to apply. 

The next step in the recruitment process

Data-driven recruitment is an innovation you can’t ignore. It limits the chances of hiring a candidate who isn’t the best fit for the job. On top of that, it limits the chances of bias in your recruitment process, making it easier to achieve your diversity and inclusion goals. Data-driven recruitment gives you the tools you need to hire the best candidates by, for example, writing job descriptions that appeal to your entire target group. 

At Textmetrics, we offer a platform that uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to help you do just that. You’ll write better job descriptions that are free of any bias and have a more gender-neutral tone of voice. We’d love to tell you more about how data-driven recruitment and our platform can make your workforce more inclusive and diverse!

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