March 18, 2021

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New: the chief diversity officer job description

Nowadays, diversity and inclusion in the workplace are top priorities. The diversion and inclusion goals (D&I goals) companies set are slowly but surely becoming the most important goals to achieve. To do so, many companies are now working on a chief diversity officer job description, since they are looking to hire one. 

A chief diversity officer (or CDO) is an organization’s executive-level diversity and inclusion strategist. He or she connects the dots between diversity and inclusion efforts across the organization. Part of this can be an organization-wide diversity and inclusion plan that describes what needs to be done to reach the D&I goals. In addition, the CDO is primarily responsible for creating an organization’s strategy for the recruitment of diverse candidates. 

The challenges of the chief diversity officer job description

Although the job of a chief diversity officer is a noble one, it is not an easy one. Firstly,  there are many types of diversity a CDO has to deal with. It’s not just race, age and gender, as some people might think. Religion, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, disability and nationality are other dimensions of diversity. Each dimension requires a different approach. In addition, diversity in itself is hard to measure. So it’s difficult to establish if a CDO is doing a good job or not, making it easy for critics to comment on the work they’re doing.  

What competencies are asked for in a chief diversity officer job description? The list of competencies asked for in a chief diversity officer job description is quite extensive.

CDOs should have leadership competencies in:

    • Diversity and inclusion: extensive and expert knowledge.  
    • Talent management: selecting, developing, optimizing and retaining diverse talent. 
    • Continuous improvement: developing actions to improve existing processes, practices and behaviors regarding diversity and inclusion.
    • Teammate engagement: developing actions to improve teammates’ commitment to diversity and inclusion. 
    • Financial management: developing budget targets to achieve the D&I goals. 

Textmetrics can help with your chief diversity officer job description

The Textmetrics platform can help you create a chief diversity officer job description that will attract the perfect candidate for the job. And once the CDO has started working at your company, he or she can use the Textmetrics platform to write inclusive job descriptions that attract diverse candidates—job posts that will have a more gender-neutral tone of voice, contain words that appeal to both men and women and are free of any bias (such as age bias or gender bias). 

Because inclusive job descriptions are the first step toward diverse talent management and greatly help a CDO with the recruitment of diverse candidates.

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