March 19, 2020

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Most Rising Trends in HR in 2020 – Part 3

Technological developments, like automation and robotizing, are about to change the workforce of the future. Current jobs will disappear, there will be new roles that we haven’t even heard of yet, and people working at companies will need new skills to do their jobs. What is the impact of all these changes on the recruitment strategies of companies? Although companies know these changes are upon them and HR professionals are aware that things are already shifting, it seems that most companies are not prepared to handle the consequences of automation just yet. In short, they are not prepared for the workforce of the future. Why is that? And what should companies be preparing for?


The cold, hard facts 

Jobs will cease to exist due to technological developments. This is something we know for sure. In fact, 90% of HR professionals have said that they are already noticing the consequences of increased automation. Almost three-quarters of all jobs are changing when it comes to the daily requirements of the role. And over 30% of HR professionals say that new jobs have emerged due to automation.

It’s not only HR professionals who are aware that this is happening. Many employees are experiencing the increasing impact of automation on their jobs. In fact, it has a huge impact on them. Research into HR trends revealed that in 41% of the organizations studied, jobs have disappeared due to automation, and in 71% of the organizations, jobs have changed for the same reason.


Impact on people

That automation has an impact on people’s jobs is something HR professionals are aware of. However, it seems that they are not aware of the impact it has on the people who are working in those roles. What are the impacts of these changes to staffing levels, competences, recruitment, the need for education and work processes?

Research shows that people are aware that their jobs are changing and want to keep up with these changes. However, the companies they work for rarely offer them the opportunity to pursue further education. Instead, they receive little support from HR. This is something companies and HR professionals should pay increasing attention to in the years to come. It would be a shame to see a lot of people lose their jobs simply because they missed out on the training required to keep up with the changes that automation brings.


How are the jobs of HR professionals changing? 

Automation changes the jobs of HR professionals, too. There are new and innovative technologies that can take care of many of the time-consuming tasks involved in recruitment, making them much more time-efficient. When new jobs appear due to technological developments, you might need to hire new staff to fill these positions. That’s not always easy. There are more positions to fill, but most of the time, the number of recruiters to fill them does not increase. On top of that, these positions can be difficult to fill because they are so new, and it’s possible that there aren’t very many people who are qualified for them. This is where automation—and artificial intelligence, in particular—comes in and can help recruiters work faster and more effectively.

At Textmetrics, we offer a solution that enables organizations to create target group-specific and corporate-wide consistent content using augmented, assisted writing based on scientifically proven algorithms. This means that recruiters can use them to create job posts that attract the right target group, even if this is a group that is hard to find. More people will apply, making the time required for the recruitment process shorter. On top of that, the tools make it easier to write according to company standards, ensuring that all job posts are consistent in language use and readability. Last but not least, the job post can be easily optimized for SEO, guaranteeing that people searching for a job online are able to find your job ad.


Are you ready to implement automation in your HR department? Textmetrics is here to help you in your recruiting process, with real-time SEO suggestions and content that leads to conversions!

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