December 1, 2016

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How to find the most interesting keywords for SEO?

Keywords are the key to your online SEO strategy. Whether you have your own (business) blog, website, web shop or another online platform, these words can help you to give guidance to your content and to determine what your chances in the search engines are. First, keywords were like the keystones of your website, but with the changes in the Google algorithm, qualitative keywords and content get more and more important. Nowadays they are more like guidelines, but it’s still very important to choose the most interesting keywords for your SEO strategy. This blog helps you to find the most interesting keywords by using one of the following techniques.

1.     Use Google search results to choose interesting keywords

The best way to find the most interesting keywords is to use Google as a guideline. Type your subject into the Google search bar and look at the auto-suggested sentences. These sentences tell you exactly what people search for and what you should write about. For example, if you type ‘search engine optimization’ into Google, you get the following suggestions:

voorbeeld-seIf you want to write about search engine optimization, it might be interesting to write about search engine optimization tips, search engine optimization for Google or maybe search engine optimization for WordPress. These subjects are popular and describe what people look for.

2.     Check your keywords on search volume and competition

To choose the right keywords you should check them on search volume and competition. This information tells you how many people search for a certain keyword and how many other people write about the same subject. You can check this information by using the ‘Google keyword planner’. If you want to know more about keywords in combination with search volume and competition, you can check out Business blog part 3: Do keyword research.

3.     Decide whether your keyword is relevant or not

Once you’ve checked your keywords search volume and competition rates you should look at the relevance of your keywords. A keyword might be interesting and have great search volume and competition rates, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s interesting for your website. If the keyword doesn’t have anything to do with what you want to communicate to your visitors, you shouldn’t use it! These visitors are nice for the numbers but probably don’t do anything you want them to because they don’t see the value of your website, blog or web shop.

4.     Use actuality in your advantage

Look for keywords that are connected to the actuality. For example, use the hashtag twitter search to find subjects people talk about. The things people talk about also are the things people want to read about. Look at the popular keywords in a specific area and try using these subject in your content.

hashtagsDon’t forget, relevance is still important. Don’t just use keywords because they’re trending, also look at the connection with your own company, blog or websites.

There is much more to learn about keyword research. In our business blog series we’ll lead you through the steps of creating a business blog and the third step is keyword research. So, want to know more about keyword research and how to conduct this correctly? Read this blog here!

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