Leontien Rutenfrans

Marketing Manager Textmetrics
April 7, 2022

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How to put DEIB as center of your recruitment strategy

Over the years, conversations about diversity and inclusion in the workplace have evolved and increased. D&I has become a topic that organizations can’t ignore. It’s likely that you set yourself some ambitious diversity and inclusion goals a while ago. And maybe you’ve even reached some of them already. Recently, though, diversity and inclusion alone have proved not to be enough. So, equity and belonging were added. Put together, we now speak about DEIB. Focusing on DEIB is the only way to create a workplace where all types of people can really thrive.


DEIB and recruitment

People need to feel equally heard (equity) and really feel like they belong (belonging). To achieve this, DEIB must be at the core of your recruitment strategy. To reach your D&I goals, you probably already focus on hiring people from different backgrounds (diversity). And you do everything you can to make them feel welcome, supported and valued (inclusion). Now let’s see how you put DEIB as a whole at the center of your recruitment strategy:

Form diverse interview panels – This is a very efficient way to reach your DEIB goals. Build a hiring committee with people from different races, ages, religions, and backgrounds. These can be people from all across the organization. It’s a great way to improve your hiring processes, which will become more diverse. It’s also a way to show applicants and current employees how committed you are to DEIB.

Review your job descriptions – Job descriptions play an important role in your recruitment strategy. In order to reach your DEIB goals, job ads need to appeal to everyone. People need to feel motivated to apply, no matter what a person’s background, age, or race is. Have a look at your recent job descriptions. Are they inclusive and free of biases? Do they have a gender-neutral tone of voice? Or do they contain certain words that appeal more to men, for example?

Provide DEIB training – Recruiters and managers involved in recruitment can benefit from some DEIB training. During recruitment, unconscious bias often sneaks in. This bias stands in the way of hiring a diverse group of people. By providing training on this subject, recruiters and managers learn to recognize this bias. This is an important step to implement DEIB in your company.


DEIB and Textmetrics

At Textmetrics, we offer a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to improve all written communication. You can use it to write gender-neutral job descriptions that are free of any bias. It’s one of the ways to put DEIB at the center of your recruitment strategy. And it’s an important step in becoming a more diverse company. You can also use the platform to create content that appeals to everyone. To create a culture of true belonging.

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