March 22, 2024

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How does the Textmetrics Expert View work

What is the Textmetrics Expert View and what can you do with it?

The Textmetrics software helps you streamline communication within your company – no matter how big or small it is. It makes your texts consistent and gives you suggestions for improvement. You tweak the settings for reading level, keywords, and branding, for example. But did you know that you can go even further in the application of Textmetrics?

When we implement your specialized knowledge into our AI-driven software, a custom package is created especially for your enterprise. In this way, we create a framework based on your own writing rules, technical terms, or words you specifically do not want to use. By combining this with our own knowledge and smart software, we create an ‘Expert View’. Naturally, this Expert View also includes expert service and guidance. What exactly does this advanced software entail and who is it for?


What do you know that Textmetrics doesn’t?

Textmetrics is an international player when it comes to targeted and inclusive communication. We understand algorithms, datasets, SEO, writing rules, pull factors, and of course AI. You, on the other hand, are the expert in your field. You regularly take courses and may even attend international seminars. But how often has it happened that your team had an amazing in-house training and that this knowledge almost immediately slipped away? Therefore, integrate all your expertise into software that you use daily so that no knowledge slips away anymore. In addition, the Expert View can help you share your knowledge with people who do not possess this knowledge. This way, everyone on your team, regardless of skills or knowledge, can write quality texts.


Combining our knowledge

Every Expert View is custom-made. Our experts will work with your experts to see how we can incorporate your requirements into your Textmetrics package. We do this, for example, by adjusting code, adding alternative datasets, or setting up specific controls to monitor in-house style and external communication.


Who uses the Textmetrics Expert View?

Large enterprises have many lines of communication, each with different guidelines. Internal communication may be at an academic level, while external communication is more accessible. In a financial institution, some information may be shared internally but not externally. A built-in control is then convenient, so that no one accidentally leaks sensitive information.


Recruitment and selection and educational institutions

Educational institutions and recruiters also benefit greatly from customization. You can quickly compile courses and vacancy texts at different reading levels while keeping your branding consistent at the same time. For certain vacancies, it might be necessary for the candidate to understand specific jargon, but not to wade through incomprehensible texts. This and much more is incorporated into your Expert View.


Benefits of Textmetrics Expert View

The Expert View provides you with greater productivity and more cost savings. By building in company-specific rules, you can switch gears faster. Textmetrics monitors the recognizability of your brand and checks whether your texts are inclusive enough.

Contact us for personalized advice, as the team of Textmetrics experts is eager to sit down with you to contribute to the success of your enterprise!

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