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How AI will improve all your communication

Writing messages in the style the company has set as mandatory is a burden for many staff members. Writing as such is one thing, complying with the corporate communication guide another. Seeing your senior co-worker using his red pen on your text in a steady rhythm is not exactly motivating. With Artificial Intelligence sliding you through the process of writing, life suddenly becomes a whole lot brighter.

Artificial Intelligence – AI. The word alone is buzzing through offices, industrial halls, and households. What does it mean? What does it do? We are going to use AI privately and professionally. Let’s forget ‘private’ for now and focus on professional use, on the use in corporate communication to be more precise. 

Really read

Imagine yourself writing a message that will be read by 500 plus co-workers. Read, not just glanced at. Wouldn’t it be great to have your idea, your proposal, your vision noticed by every member of staff, no matter how you wrote it down? Completely according to the rules of writing corporate communication management has laid down. AI will do that for you. And so much more.

AI uses tools like machine learning and Big Data and develops itself while being used. You can design a tone of voice and Textmetrics vast number of algorithms will give you the right wording while you’re writing. It will even suggest changes while it is at it. Instead of someone looking over your shoulder, something is reading and typing with you.

The template

What can you do with AI in a Textmetrics template? You can define how easy to read your text should be. Or, how sophisticated. How formal or informal your text must be, will it be read by women mostly, men, or is a neutral tone of voice preferred? Can the message be friendly, or reminding with a slight hint of urgency? You can set all those variations and once your staff member starts writing, all he or she must do is set the specific tone of voice.

And that’s not all. As an organization you can set specific rules and guidelines you want to use. Enter them in the template, activate it and all co-workers’ texts will be in line with your demands. All they need to do is turn on the app in the cloud to call out the support of Textmetrics. AI will correct and give suggestions in real time. All your internal and external communication will be greatly appreciated by those who receive it, both by colleagues and the public.

Immense impact

This doesn’t only sound easy, it is easy. But the impact of this company-broad coherent communication is immense: higher conversion, higher customer satisfaction, better quality response to AI recruiting ads and a consistent company tone of voice. Communication that doesn’t depend on who is writing this week’s newsletter, or brochure or HRM ad, but texts that are fully compliant with your guidelines and wishes.

Will AI take away staff jobs, now that writing has become a “piece of cake”? Not likely, AI will take out the dull and simple tasks, giving staff members time to be more creative, develop plans they never got around to and make work at the office more exciting and fulfilling. That is quite motivating, in contrast to the senior member’s red pen.

Stone Age

Happy staff members, satisfied customers, better applicants for job openings; it’s just a few of the many things AI can give. Remember the times when you read the news in the morning paper, and were brought up to date by the evening news on television? Seems like the Stone Age, doesn’t it? Everything happens in real time, so you must respond in real time as well. News is reported in a few minutes, sometimes even in a few seconds. The digital era is reigning and will give us more ways to make our work easier, get our household chores done by the time we come home, make our traffic safer, and production all over more efficient.

Embracing AI may be difficult at first, but once realization has set in how much help may come from smart machines and robots, AI will be greeted as a longtime friend. A precious ally in beating everyday routine.

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