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August 13, 2021

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Gender bias and the importance of gender equality in recruitment – Part 1

5 reasons why gender equality is important for the recruitment process. 

Gender bias is one of the most common biases in recruitment. Women often feel unmotivated to apply for a role after reading the job description. Recruiters usually don’t intend for this to happen. But unintentionally or not, gender bias is a real problem. Especially if you know what the benefits of gender equality are. And are striving to reach your company’s diversity and inclusion goals. 

This is the first of two articles. We explain why gender equality in the recruitment process is so important. There are 10 most important reasons. In each article, we’ll give you five reasons. In this first article we talk about the following reasons:

  • Bigger talent pool
  • Improved staff retention
  • Improved productivity
  • More innovation and growth
  • Recognizable for customers

Gender bias and gender equality in recruitment – the 5 reasons

1. A bigger talent pool

To find the best candidate, you’ll need a big pool of talent to recruit from. A talent pool full of qualified men and women. Gender bias in job descriptions often leaves women feeling unmotivated to apply for a role. That’s because the language used usually has a more masculine tone of voice. Do you manage to write more gender-neutral job descriptions? Then both men and women will apply. 

2. Improved staff retention 

People leaving your company within a few years is a problem many employers have to deal with. A more diverse and inclusive workforce has been proven to have a positive effect on staff retention. People simply stay on longer. This is a very positive development. Because you’ll have a happier workforce. And need to spend less time and money on recruitment in the long run. 

3. Improved productivity

Gender equality also leads to improved productivity. This is due to the different perspectives and approaches taken by men and women. One of the things this results in is better discussions. Men and women also bring different skills to the workplace. Together, these factors all lead to a more productive workforce. 

4. More innovation and growth

If you want to grow as a company, you’ll need to innovate. A diverse and inclusive workforce is more innovative. That’s because different points of view drive creativity and innovation. And people working in a gender-equal workforce are also more likely to spot and seize new opportunities. Which is another important driver of innovation and growth. 

5. Recognizable for customers 

Chances are, you have customers from all ages and genders. So, if you have a gender-diverse and inclusive workforce, customers can easily recognize themselves in your company. Also, it’s women who make the most purchasing decisions. So, it’s especially important for them to recognize themselves in the women working for your company. 

Eliminating gender bias: how Textmetrics can help

The five reasons we’ve listed above shows how important it is to remove gender bias in recruitment. And there are five more reasons to consider, which you can read all about here

In the meantime, you can take a giant step toward eliminating gender bias from your recruitment process. Then you’re in need of the Textmetrics platform is. It helps you write inclusive job descriptions. These will appeal to both men and women. Your job descriptions will have a more gender-neutral tone of voice and will be free of any bias. 

Curious to know more? Then get in touch. We’re here to help. 


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