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Developer & Support Specialist Textmetrics
April 27, 2023

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Four tips to get the most out of Google for Jobs

How often do you use Google to find information? Probably a lot, right? It’s the go-to search engine for most internet users. But did you know that Google is also increasingly used to search for jobs? Even more so since the launch of Google for Jobs, which gives users access to a complete list of job openings in an easy-to-use widget.

The Google for Jobs widget is displayed just below the paid search results. It shows the three most relevant job listings that users can click on to apply. Should they click on the ‘100+ more jobs’ button, the Google for Jobs platform appears. Here, users get a full overview of available jobs that fit their search criteria.

Google for Jobs saves users the time of searching through hundreds of websites hoping to find their dream job. Getting a full overview of all jobs that match their search criteria has never been easier.


Why Google for Jobs?

Put yourself in an applicant’s shoes. What if you could use one platform to search through all available jobs that match your search criteria? Would you then bother to also look somewhere else? Probably not. So, if your job doesn’t appear in Google for Jobs, a lot of potential candidates aren’t going to see it.

From research in the US, we know that a listing on Google for Jobs can increase the number of applicants by 18%. And that it can increase traffic to your career page by 15%. Those are impressive numbers that can make a real difference. Especially when the number of applicants for your jobs is currently low.


Four tips for a high ranking in Google for Jobs

When 100+ jobs are listed, you don’t want your job to be somewhere at the bottom of the list. How many potential candidates are going to scroll all the way down?

To reach as many candidates as possible, you need a high ranking. Here are four tips to achieve that:

  • Use the right keywords for SEO
    In your job ad, you need to use the keywords your target group searches for. For an accounting job in Amsterdam, this can be as easy as “accounting job Amsterdam.”
  • Make sure your website is technically correct
    It should be easy for Google to find your job opening online. We suggest you create a sitemap.xml for your job ads to bundle them all together. This way, the Googlebot that scans your pages for relevant content, will need less time and resources to scan your job ads.
  • Use the right pull factors
    Google for Jobs only shows the first 10 to 25 lines of your job ads. So you’ll need a strong opening. Applicants need to know what you have to offer. Why is this their dream job? And what makes you unique? It’s the only way you can seduce them to click the “Read more” button. The more often this button is clicked, the higher your ranking will be.
  • Use inclusive language
    Your job ads need to appeal to everyone in your target group. To men, women, and to people of all ages and backgrounds. To address them all, you need to use inclusive language. Because if potential candidates feel excluded by the language you use, they won’t “Read more” and will refrain from applying.


How Textmetrics can help

SEO, the right pull factors, and inclusive language… there is a lot to take into consideration when writing a job ad. But there is no need for despair. Textmetrics is here to help! The text optimizer on our platform for text improvement gives you suggestions for improving your job ads.

With Textmetrics, you’ll use the right keywords, the right job motivators, and a tone of voice that appeals to your entire target group. Writing is easier and more efficient, and you’ll produce a job ad that both Google for Jobs and your target group appreciate.

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