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Employer branding vs recruitment marketing

Employer branding and recruitment marketing are two terms you probably know. Maybe you already use one of them—or both—to attract as many candidates for your job as possible. This can help you reach your company’s diversity and inclusion goals. But do you know exactly which is which? While they are often seen as similar recruiting strategies, they are quite different. Employer branding defines the brand. Recruitment marketing promotes it using various channels. They are best used together, as this will give you maximum results. 

Read more about these two very different strategies below. 

What is employer branding?

Employer branding consists of everything to do with the reputation of your company. You want to position your company as an employer of choice. A company that talented candidates want to work at and your current employees want to keep working at. It takes time to build up that reputation. And you’ll need to set up company values and a work culture. And personality that aligns with the aspirations of these employees. You need to clearly define the unique set of benefits your company offers. As well as what you offer employees in return for their skills, capabilities and experience. 

Have you successfully built a good employer brand? Then you’re communicating that your company is a good employer and a great place to work.

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing consists of everything to do with promoting your employer brand. And delivering the right message to the right candidates. So, for successful recruitment marketing, you’ll need a strong employer brand. And to promote your employer brand, you’ll need to create a great recruitment marketing strategy. This is done by:

  • Writing clear and attractive job advertisements.
  • Creating interesting and engaging recruiting content, then sharing this content through different channels. 

The differences between employer branding and recruitment marketing

There are three clear differences between employer branding and recruitment marketing:

  1. Employer branding is about defining your company’s brand. And recruitment marketing is all about promoting it using various channels. 
  2. Your employer brand will remain pretty much the same. Recruitment marketing is constantly evolving. And you’ll need to adjust your strategy based on the latest trends and innovations.
  3. Your employer brand comes first. Once you’ve built your company’s reputation, you can work on your recruitment marketing strategy. Recruitment marketing can’t exist without your employer brand. 

How Textmetrics can help

Building a strong employer brand requires work on all your written communication. The Textmetrics platform can be a big help here. Our augmented assistant provides you with real-time suggestions when you deviate too far from your brand identity. This allows you to ensure that all written content is consistent with your employer brand. Delivering maximum impact on the talented candidates you want to reach. 

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