Leontien Rutenfrans

Marketing Manager Textmetrics
November 21, 2022

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DEIB in today’s workplace

As you may have noticed, it’s not that easy to build a diverse and inclusive workplace. Many initiatives look good on paper but lead to disappointing results. For many organizations, reaching their diversity and inclusion goals proves to be quite the challenge. Perhaps your current D&I strategy is incomplete or outdated. You might need to approach diversity and inclusion from a different perspective to really make a change.

Have you heard of DEIB yet? DEIB means:

The differences between one individual and another, including demographic differences, different ideas, backgrounds, and opinions. 

The fair and equal treatment of everyone in the organization. 

Creating a cultural and environmental feeling of belonging. 

Creating a place where everyone can thrive and feels accepted and welcome. 

In today’s workplace, a DEIB strategy is an important prerequisite to really creating change. Not just because it’s the right thing to do. But also because it brings along many benefits for business.


Why a DEIB strategy is a must

A DEIB strategy helps you create a workplace that welcomes and respects everyone. Such a workplace is one where people can thrive. It goes without saying that this is good for business. And there are more important benefits that should motivate you to work on your DEIB strategy. For starters, diverse companies are 35 percent more likely to outperform less diverse competitors.

Besides that, a DEIB strategy also helps you attract more job seekers. Now more than ever, job seekers actively look for diverse companies. 76 percent of job seekers say diversity in a company is important to them. And around 35 percent actively research to understand a company’s diversity. Don’t forget that in the current job market, talent is scarce. Everything that makes you a more attractive employer to work for is a big plus.


Use Textmetrics for your DEIB strategy

At Textmetrics, we offer a platform that you can use as part of your DEIB strategy. Think about your job ads. Are they free of bias? Do they appeal to everyone in your target group? Do they have a gender-neutral tone of voice? The Textmetrics platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that empower you to improve all your written communication. You can use it to highlight how diverse your company is by writing job ads that appeal to everyone. But you can also use it to create content that you distribute amongst people who already work for you. To create a culture of true belonging.

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