SEO could be an effective way to upgrade your position in the Google search engine results. We all know that a high position in the Google rankings can help you to gain more trust, get more traffic and in the end it could lead to more sales and conversion.  In this blog you’ll find out more about the most important SEO facts that really matters, according to a recent study of SEMrush.

Website visits

The number of website visits seems to be the most important page-ranking factor. Websites with higher authority consequently gain more traffic, and as a result, have a better chance of getting into the top.

Time on site, Bounce rate, Pages per session

User behaviour signals such as time on site, pages per session and bounce rate influence the ranking as well. They indicate the authority if a website. For example a high bounce rate could indicate that the page content is irrelevant, which is bad for users and search engine bots.

Content length

The quality and relevance of your content play a crucial role in the page rankings. Content length is important for your page’s success as long as it is valuable, well-written, and optimized, especially if you target high volume keywords.

SEO made easy

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