February 6, 2023

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ChatGPT and Textmetrics: combine the two for the best results

… why a combination of AI applications leads to the best results


Have you used it yet? AI-generated content. Content created by artificial intelligence. Since the introduction of ChatGPT, it’s been impossible not to think about what AI can do. And what it means – or can mean – for the content you create.

ChatGPT is currently the most talked about AI application. But there are similar applications out there that generate content. In seconds, these programs can write an introduction, summary, blog article, or rhyme. Sounds good, right?

But does this mean there is no more writing left for you to do? Not quite. But what it does mean is that your working life can be a lot easier. And the quality of the content you write can be even better.


AI-generated content by ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a chatbot. A computer program or robot that you can converse with. You can ask it for gift ideas when it’s someone’s birthday, or ask it to write content for you. A summary, an instruction, an introduction, or an entire story. It’s like a search engine, but it answers your questions like a human would. Plus, it can generate loads of content in just seconds. Pretty amazing, right?

ChatGPT is not fully mature yet. Its answers aren’t always correct. And the content it writes is like a lot of content we find online – generic. It’s great at producing articles like “Three ways to save money” or “Five ways to find your dream job.” Why is ChatGPT particularly good at creating this kind of content? Because it uses content “fed” to it during training.

ChatGPT is not capable of thinking for itself. How you formulate what you want it to write is very important – one wrong word, and you might end up with the opposite meaning than the one you want!


The difference between ChatGPT and Textmetrics

It’s pretty impressive what ChatGPT can do. But it’s not mature enough yet to use it to create all your content. Just ask it to write several articles on the same topic. You’ll notice that the results are all pretty similar. That’s where ChatGPT differs from Textmetrics. Both are AI applications, but you use them for different reasons: 

  • You use ChatGPT to generate a general piece of content in seconds. 
  • You use Textmetrics to personalize your content and increase its quality.


How to get the best results

Content generated by ChatGTP might not have the right tone of voice for your audience. And when you use it to write a job description, it probably won’t use the right job motivators. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful at all. It’s just not ready to use right after it’s been created. You’ll have to combine it with Textmetrics to get the best results.

You can use Textmetrics to personalize all content – whether AI-generated or written by a human. The text optimizer on our platform for text improvement gives you suggestions for improving the quality of your content. You’ll end up with unique, high-quality content that appeals to your entire target group.

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