February 4, 2021

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Augmented writing platforms and diverse & inclusive recruitment: OK cool, but how does it actually work?

To know how augmented writing platforms can boost your recruitment, and more specifically, how they can aid in preventing gender bias in writing job descriptions, it would be helpful to first understand what augmented writing tools are. Fasten your seatbelts, because here we go! Augmented writing can best be described as a technology that serves as a writing coach, a virtual assistant to write job descriptions. An augmented writing tool analyzes the words you use in, for example in this case, job descriptions, and gives suggestions for more diversity, inclusion and many other great things. It ensures that your job post is not only aimed at men, but also women. Believe me, preventing gender bias was NEVER so easy. The tone of voice and difficulty of the words you use are also things these augmented tools can give you suggestions for.

Congrats, you officially know what augmented writing tools are! You can thank us later. Now how do augmented writing platforms work to optimize job descriptions for diversity and inclusion? What problems do they help you solve?


Optimizing job descriptions isn’t easy. Try augmented writing platforms!

We feel you. As a recruiter, you may have noticed that writing job descriptions that convince a large group of skilled candidates to apply is not always an easy thing to do. No need to be sad though, because it’s OK to have these struggles. In fact, there are a few reasons why it’s hard to reach your target group. Are you reading with me? Many job descriptions have a more masculine tone of voice (gender bias), which makes it hard to reach the women in your target group. The use of too much jargon is another common issue. Possible applicants need to be able to understand what you’re saying and looking for in a candidate if you want them to apply. Please save them some blah blah blah!


How can augmented writing tools help you here?

How augmented writing platforms improve your recruitment to another level!
Augmented writing platforms use artificial intelligence to help you use the right words in your job descriptions. Words that appeal to both men and women, and words that aren’t too difficult to understand or hard to pronounce! Another great thing about augmented writing tools is that they don’t replace you as a writer. You need to think of them as the ideal supplement, not a standalone, in the process of writing the very best job descriptions. You need them as your assistant to reach the major part of your target group, say 80% instead of the 40% you reach now. Especially if used in combination with writing training, augmented writing tools can help you lift the quality of your job descriptions from good to EXCELLENT!

At Textmetrics we proudly offer you an augmented writing platform that uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to help you write the best job descriptions. Your job post will stand out with a more gender-neutral tone of voice and less jargon. We’d love to tell you everything about how they can make a difference in your recruitment process. You know where to find us!

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