December 26, 2023

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A conversation with our partner Extanto

Extanto is an established company that provides high-quality content services for academic publishing in the USA, with a specialization in science and mathematics. The company started in 2009 and expanded its business in 2017 to include a DEI-content creation and review program for their publishing clients. Later Extanto adapted these expert services for use in business and government sectors. For this purpose they partnered with Textmetrics to develop a smart writing assistant, tailored to make inclusive and gender-neutral content for academic publishing houses and other top clients.

— Extanto provides focused content services yielding timely results with the highest accuracy —


Developing an AI writing platform with Textmetrics software

The Textmetrics smart writing assistant provides an augmented writing experience for content creators. This smart software is AI-driven, but equipped with the necessary checks and guidance to ensure quality and DEI-rules. This makes the smart writing assistant stand out from public AI-writers or other corporate AI-writing tools.


The smart writing assistant:

  • generates diverse quality content
  • uses algorithms to guide AI
  • creates unique and accurate texts
  • checks and corrects AI-generated content for quality
  • provides checks for readability, branding and gender-neutrality


Shared values and complementary strengths

Extanto and Textmetrics were an obvious match to set new standards in content creation and management, particularly in the realm of non-gendered language and DEI.

— It was our mutual interest in diversity, equity and inclusion that led us to work with Textmetrics, whose smart writing assistant also has a focus on DEI and gendered language —


Content creation and management

The types of content in academic publishing are quite diverse, because they reflect the broad range of methodologies and subjects. Some examples are:

  • research and review articles
  • case studies
  • theses and dissertations
  • technical reports and data sets
  • textbooks
  • e-learning materials
  • content for digital learning platforms


Extanto content management

Academic publishing has a predictable and well-defined process. Apart from the content creation it is important to keep an overview of the publishing process. A PMO (Project Management Officer) should provide this overview and manage the editorial teams that have the detailed knowledge.

— Our purpose is to help our clients realize their vision with clean, clear, beautiful communication that they can be confident will achieve their desired results —


Staffing solutions

Extanto also provides placement of flexible staffing solutions, even for short-term projects. Extanto offers great opportunities to organizations as well as to employees. Contractors have a steady pay, flexible work schedules and remote work options, while organizations benefit highly from a unique recruiting process.

— We recruit primarily from academia; we have found that people who are still close to their academic experience have the optimal mindset to perform authoring and reviews with the precision and thoughtfulness that our clients expect —


Testing and DEI-reviews

Testing and reviewing is critical to guarantee high-quality products. Testing is partly done by AI-algorithms, but the human workforce is and will remain indispensable. We cannot have an AI test itself without human oversight.

Testing has to be done for:

  • quality and accuracy of content
  • functionality and security of DLPs (Digital Learning Platforms)
  • adherence to DEI and other rules
  • style rules and brand reputation
  • performance and conversion of the content

Extanto partners with Textmetrics for the DEI-focused writing software, but the company collaborates as well with the leading HR software provider UKG. UKG’s Diversity Accelerator Program (DAP) promotes DEI in business communications.

— Our DEI reviews are performed not by experts in the subject matter but rather by those with an expertise in DEI, who are themselves from an underrepresented community, either ethnically or otherwise and are all on-shore. This gives each of our reviewers a relevant and unique perspective born from study and lived experience —


Future plans

Partnering with Textmetrics and UKG signifies a lasting commitment to diversity and inclusion. Partners as well as customers and staff will benefit from working with Extanto, now and in the future. Textmetrics definitely hopes for a lasting and fruitful collaboration.

— We are currently growing our government business and investing in our partner program. We value the opportunity to work together with our partner companies to create something of great value for our clients that individually we would not have been able to provide —

Want to know more about Extanto? Visit their website!

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