Our platform.

Check out our different standard modules. They can be combined to get the best out of all your content.

A table with modules and areas. The top row is the modules: Dashboard & Reporting, Recruitment, Branding, SEO, D&I, Readability. The first column are the areas the modules cover.

The onboarding process

This is how we make sure you get the best out of our platform

The picture splits the process of getting started with textmetrics in two, onboarding and operations. The onboarding phase consists of Definition, Customization, and Go-live. Operations consist of Evaluation & Support.

Dedicated onboarding specialist

Minimum hours of users required

The best outcome

All modules include


Quickly get started by using one of Textmetrics templates.


Textmetrics advises how to optimize the job description for Google for Jobs.

Keyword Analysis

Textmetrics can analyse keywords for you to see the competition for those and find similar ones.


Textmetrics seamlessly integrates with your workspace, all modules have a Word and Chrome plugin + API to build your own interface.

Project Structure

Easily structure projects with Textmetrics build in project manager.

Address the world

Textmetrics supports 12 languages already.