The Smart AI Writing Software

Every company has its own voice, branding, tone of voice, way of writing, and presenting itself to the world.

Textmetrics helps you with writing inclusive job ads, making sure you use the right language level, gender inclusive language, diversity and inclusion statements, and more!

Textmetrics' editor on laptop

“We believe that when you address the world, you include everybody.”

– The Text Improvers

Personalized software for a cohesive brand identity

  • Your company’s tone of voice
  • Your company’s SEO policy & guidelines
  • Your company’s branding

Produce consistent high quality content

  • Create and generate your texts with the AI Assistant
  • Confirm it’s written according to your own personalizations by clicking “Analyze”
  • Correct mistakes by clicking on the lightbulb and selecting a replacement

Publish your content in many writing systems such as:

  • ATS integrations
  • CMS plugins

Forget everything you need to think about.

Textmetrics customizes the software for every customer, which means that your own tone of voice rulesets, SEO rules, branding, and employer branding are included. Everything you need to think about when writing your texts, you can forget. Relax, Textmetrics does the thinking for you.

Consistent high quality

The right tone

Write with a active tone to create powerful messages, every time.

Understandable writing

The B1 language level

Too difficult words can prevent people from reading your text.

Understandable writing

Write without mistakes

A typo is easy to make, luckily Textmetrics also checks the spelling and grammar for an error-free text.

Inclusive writing

Gender-inclusive writing

A text can have a masculine, feminine, or neutral tone of voice. To make every reader feel included, create a balance in the words you use.