December 2, 2019

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The importance of brand consistency

Brand consistency is the practice of always delivering messages that are in line with the identity and values of your brand. Consistency here means that your target audience is being exposed to the same core messages repeatedly. The more consistent your messaging, the more consistent your branding. Makes sense, right? Textmetrics can help you improve your brand consistency, but before we tell you a bit more about that, let’s see why brand consistency is so important!


Brand consistency = Brand recognition

The most obvious reason why brand consistency is so important is that it leads to brand recognition. As a company, this is what you should always strive for, to be immediately recognizable by your target audience. If you want your company to be sexy, smart, brave, funny or whatever else, brand consistency will do the trick! You could say brand consistency is marketing at a higher level. By being consistent in your messaging, you can set your brand apart from your competitors, which is especially valuable in a highly competitive and saturated market. Let’s beat them!


It helps build trust and loyalty

Brand recognition is about more than just getting your name out there, it’s about helping customers get to know your brand on a personal level. Trust is an important factor when it comes to selling your product or service, and it works so well because purchasing is more an emotional decision than a practical one. Playing with someone’s emotions isn’t a widely appreciated activity, but in this case, there’s no need to feel bad about it. You can trigger the right emotions by making your customers feel like they know your brand. Once you have built the necessary trust, it’s easier to persuade customers to make a purchase. Brand consistency helps to build trust and loyalty since consumers will know what to expect when they buy your product or use your services. From there on, there’s no way back.


It evokes positive emotions about your brand

“Positivity is the key to happiness,” a wise old man told me once. That might be true, don’t you think? Consistently communicating POSITIVE messages can help evoke positive emotions from your target audience, and the best thing is that your audience will, over time, begin to associate these positive emotions with your brand. It takes some time and persistence, but when it’s done right, even the slightest hint of your brand will affect those same positive emotions in your audience. Just imagine the impact on your business when exposure to your brand always makes people feel happy. It’s no secret that happy people are more likely to make a purchase. So don’t worry, be happy!


It helps you beat your competition

When your company does business in a highly competitive, saturated market, brand consistency can play a VERY important role. Being consistent in your messaging can really set your brand apart from your competitors. When customers have to choose between a number of near-identical offers, brand consistency often means the difference between earning a customer’s business or losing them to the competition. Of course you don’t want the latter, do you? It’s important to remember that improving brand consistency will lead to more brand recognition, consumer trust, and positive reception by potential customers. These are all important factors that determine whether a customer chooses your brand over your competition. Brand consistency sets your company apart from the rest, time and time again.


Use Textmetrics, the ideal way to help your messaging be consistent

In the digital age, it’s pretty easy to create blog posts, e-books, and other online content. Chances are that you publish articles daily online and distribute e-books on a regular basis. The employees who write this content likely have some sort of style guide available to make sure that everything they write is in line with your brand identity.
But let me tell you something…at Textmetrics, we know that these style guides usually aren’t enough to guarantee the level of consistency you want and need for your brand. That’s why we developed a number of ingenious tools that can help you make sure that all employees communicate according to branding standards. We try to stay humble, but this tool gets REALLY close to absolute perfection. The algorithms we developed will assess, in real time, what people are writing, and our augmented assistant will help them whenever they deviate too far from your brand identity. This allows you to ensure that all written content is consistent with corporate standards and delivers a maximum impact on your target audience. Yes, you want this.


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