Leontien Rutenfrans

Marketing Manager Textmetrics
September 21, 2021

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The impact of age bias on the workforce

Age bias is real, and it’s a big problem. Not just for older people who are trying to find a new job. Or those who are working with younger colleagues. Young people at the opposite end of the age spectrum suffer as well. For companies, this is troublesome. Especially if they are striving for a diverse and inclusive workforce. For people to feel included, they need to feel like they belong. And when age bias comes into play, people can feel excluded. This has a bad effect on productivity and a company’s reputation. Because only employees who feel like they belong will recommend the company as a great place to work. 

How age bias presents itself

Age bias in the workforce can present itself in several ways. One way is through language. Older people may say things to younger employees like:

  • Once you have a bit more experience, you’ll understand. 
  • Millennials just don’t know what you want. 

While older people may hear younger generations say:

  • You’re too old to understand this.
  • You boomers need to move on. 

Age bias can also be more indirect. Junior employees might be dismissed by older ones because of their age. And older employees may be ignored when fresh technologies are discussed. 

An age-inclusive workforce

All companies should have an age-inclusive workforce. It’s the only way to make sure that everyone feels like they belong. It’s also the only way to create a workplace culture where employees can be fruitful. And where there is room for them to develop and grow. 

Age bias needs to be recognized as a serious problem. And companies should strive for a workforce that consists of people of all ages. The recruitment process needs to be free of age discrimination. Someone’s age should not matter. And should no longer be the reason if they get the job or not. 

How Textmetrics can help you to prevent age bias

Recruitment starts with job descriptions. These need to be free of age bias. They should encourage people of all ages to apply. The Textmetrics platform helps you do that. Our platform gives you suggestions while you’re writing. It signals words you shouldn’t use because it discourages older or younger candidates from applying. And it offers you suggestions for alternatives to prevent any form of discrimination.

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