See how Nationale-Nederlanden increased traffic, conversions and productivity with help of Textmetrics

30% of content already rewritten

To be at the B1 reading level.

100% of website content

Should be at B1 reading level and SEO optimized in 2022.

20 content specialists collaborating

Publishing content with the same tone of voice.


Nationale-Nederlanden is a financial services provider offering products and services in the fields of insurance, pensions and banking. Two companies formed Nationale-Nederlanden:
‘De Nederlanden van 1845’, a fire insurer from Zutphen and the ‘Nationale-Levensverzekering-Bank’, founded in 1863 in Rotterdam.
In 1963 these two merged into Nationale-Nederlanden.

Nationale-Nederlanden is part of NN Group, an international financial services provider active in 19 countries and a leader in a number of European countries and Japan.



The Hague, Netherlands


Financial service provider, insurance, banking, pensions







Nationale-Nederlanden uses Textmetrics to write all content at reading level B1

At Nationale-Nederlanden, Textmetrics is currently used by 20 content specialists who work across all business units. Their reason for using Textmetrics? To have all the content specialists across Nationale-Nederlanden write at a B1 reading level. And to all use the same tone of voice in their content.

“It took a long time before everyone was happy with the content we produced.”

When creating content, the content specialists at Nationale-Nederlanden often work with colleagues from different departments. For example, with lawyers and tax specialists. Before using Textmetrics there was one main problem. It often took quite a while to get the reading level of the content where it needed to be. Because writing at a B1 reading level is not as easy as it seems. Especially when different people work on the content.

The same goes for the tone of voice and the readability of the content. When 20 content specialists produce content, it’s inevitable that the tone of voice will differ. As a company, you want this difference to be as little as possible. Because all the content you produce needs to reflect the same brand identity.

“Textmetrics helps us write a good piece of quality content more quickly. Content that everyone can read and understand.”

In the short time that Nationale-Nederlanden has been using Textmetrics, impressive results have been achieved. So far, 30% of their content has been rewritten at a B1 reading level. The goal is to have 100% rewritten by the end of 2021. On top of that, there is less discussion about the reading level and tone of voice. This saves everyone a lot of valuable time.

It’s a plus that Nationale-Nederlanden can also use Texmterics to scan their content for SEO. The content specialists now pay attention to that aspect of the content, too. The next step is to work on the website as well. The content should be at a B1 language level as well, and SEO optimized.

“In the future, we want to use Textmetrics for more than just the reading level, tone of voice and SEO. And all the content on our website has to be written at a B1 reading level.”

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