Textmetrics for Marketing Agencies and Departments.

Textmetrics is a data-driven language analysis platform that helps to write effective, accurate and high-quality content. It also helps (marketing) managers steer the impact of the content with real data.

Our insights

We identified 3 top challenges for marketing and communication departments

More than gender decoding

Most companies tend to focus on avoiding a gender bias in their communications. That is great, but how do you include people who have a lower reading proficiency? People from different nationalities, different cultures, and different age groups? Or people who have disabilities or are colorblind? An inclusive organization has a culture of belonging for everyone.

Culture change

Diversity and inclusion needs a corporate-wide approach. These principles need to be implemented in all steps of the hiring process, but also in corporate communication, reward systems and internal communication. And the real change will only start when you are actually able to attract diverse people.

Limited Target Group

If you want to attract many suitable candidates, you should try to reach a target group that is as large and diverse as possible. At the same time, you want all your text to be in line with your organization’s branding, so you always convey the right message.

What Textmetrics Solves

Low quality of communications

SEO optimization

Generate more traffic

Continuous training

Text quality no longer reflects badly on the image of the organization

We identified 3 top consequences why content lacks quality


It can also reflect badly on or misrepresents the image of the organization.


Due to low-quality content your visibility and marketability are (too) low.


If you can’t reach your target audience with the right content, you will never meet your D&I goals.

The 4 pillars of the Textmetrics solution

Augmented Writing

The Textmetrics augmented writing environment generates improvements and assists your staff in writing high-quality content. It reads and assesses while the content is being written and gives suggestions on how to improve the text. This according to preset criteria which meet your company’s standards. Existing content can also be monitored and quality can be controlled.


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The artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms start by analyzing and measuring your company’s lexicon.
Textmetrics contains a vast set of algorithms that are able to interpret wording and suggest changes while writing content. The AI based algorithms are able to recognize aspects such as how formal/informal the text is, how sophisticated/easy to read, how friendly, amicable, neutral, feminine, masculine, and so on. Centrally, you can select your company’s preferences and, automatically, any person who writes content will be supported to apply the selected settings.


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Over the past years, Textmetrics has retrieved a lot of data to make sure that our platform gives you the best possible text outcome. For instance, data to analyze whether your text or job description contains words which are more appealing to men or to women. In 2020, we started working together with Intelligence Group, which gave us access to even more data. Now we can support you in writing the best possible job texts, tailored for every job you can imagine. While writing, you’ll instantly see the top 15 job drivers you should mention to your reader. We have the data and you get the best!


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Textmetrics has more to offer than writing good texts. We give your texts purpose and we co-create together with you to come to job descriptions that inspire people. Texts that motivate people to work for your company and make sure that your branding is incorporated in the messages that you will put online. Make people feel like they are already part of your company, accelerate the feeling of inclusion and make sure your texts speak to a diverse group of people. Get the insights, get the best!


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What will you experience as a manager or writer when using Textmetrics?


Managers are supported by a comprehensive reporting and monitoring environment that provides continuous insight into the quality of existing job openings, employer branding texts, and all relevant communication.

The manager can perform analyses across job openings to see how they can be better written. For example, it pulls what competitors use in their job postings, which job titles perform better than others, and what content leads to the best candidates.


Marketers are supported by an AI during writing as it reads along with them, analyzes the text being created for a given purpose, and gives advice based on data-driven algorithms.

Textmetrics also analyzes whether the text contains excluding, redundant, incorrect, or unnecessary elements and indicates exactly what can be adjusted to resolve those issues (e.g. gender-neutral language, overly long sentences, redundant or incorrect words, difficult language).


Examples of available algorithms for Marketing

Job drivers
Textmetrics automatically advises per job type what job drivers make people apply.
Textmetrics advises how to optimize the job description for Google for Jobs.
If the job description is not according to the employer branding Textmetrics tells what to change.

Address the world, exclude nobody.

How do you address people if they do not understand your language? Textmetrics supports 12 languages, Tone of Voice, no integrations with an ATS necessary, supported in Microsoft Word / Outlook. Light implementations.