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Governmental organizations

In 2021, we launched a module specifically designed for governmental organizations in collaboration with a government organization whose mission is to ensure that all governmental texts are written at an appropriate language level, resulting in high-quality and easily understandable content.

The B1 language level

Using difficult words and long sentences can make your text hard to read. With Textmetrics, you can produce content that is written at a B1 level, ensuring that it is both easy to read and of high quality.

Speaking to everyone

Old-fashioned or formal words can become a barrier to communication by affecting source credibility, familiarity, and emotional connection. Textmetrics prevents this from happening by detecting these words and suggesting alternatives.

Writing without mistakes

Making a typo happens more often than we’d like, but luckily, Textmetrics checks for spelling and grammar errors. These mistakes are highlighted, and the correct version is suggested in the software, helping you ensure that your text is error-free.

This is how these features are included in our software


This is what using Textmetrics looks like. It is easy to correct mistakes, and the software can be integrated into the writing system used by your local authority office.

D&I module

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We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and data. We make every effort to ensure that all data assets are fully protected, following applicable laws, regulations and industry best practices.

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