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The changing job market: new opportunities for Randstad

The market that Randstad operates in is evolving quickly. Nowadays, there’s not only a scarcity of skilled professionals, but people also prioritize different aspects of a job compared to the past.

“It’s a a complex set of language-related factors that even the best cannot get right all the time”

Randstad believes that effectively conveying their core values is key to attracting their ideal candidates. However, achieving this is no easy feat, as communication involves numerous elements such as using language that resonates with the candidate, keeping descriptions concise, highlighting key elements that matter to the candidate, ensuring the job listing is easily discoverable on the internet, and aligning it with Randstad’s brand identity. It’s a complex set of language-related factors that even the best cannot get right all the time.

“Textmetrics’ analysis surpassed our expectations”

During the partnership, Textmetrics provided coaching to all participating employees.

Wesley explained, “As we write, Textmetrics evaluates all the key elements that contribute to higher conversion rates and suggests changes to meet the criteria that impact the success of a job description. We’ve noticed a significant increase in our job listing conversion rates. We knew that the language used in a job listing is crucial, but Textmetrics’ analysis surpassed our expectations.”

Randstad is currently in the process of implementing Textmetrics within other departments.

We believe that this type of technology can be beneficial for all of our brands and countries, and we are currently exploring potential collaborations for the future.


Their problem

  • The rapidly changing job market
  • Attracting the ideal candidate was very complicated



  • An 18% increase in job applications
  • A 14% improvement in conversion rates
  • 30% faster creation of listings

Our partnership with Textmetrics has been a huge success. By implementing their technology in our job listing creation process and rewriting existing listings, we’ve achieved an impressive 18% increase in job applications and a 14% improvement in conversion rates..”

Wesley Connor
Senior E-commerce Manager

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