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January 27, 2023

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AI as a communication assistant

… the Textmetrics smart AI software offers a simple solution to a difficult task


Artificial Intelligence: there has been a lot going on lately. This is, of course, due to the arrival of ChatGPT. Because what does the arrival of this chatbot – which really everyone is talking about – mean for the future? What to make of methods that allow machines to perform tasks that require intelligence anyway?

AI is already all around you in your daily life. Think of the facial recognition on your phone, and the route you have calculated in Google Maps. Or apps like Spotify, Amazon Prime and Netflix. These are all platforms with AI at the core that make your life just that little bit more fun and easier. Let that be exactly what AI can do for professionals as well.

As Textmetrics’ CTO, Kyrill Poelmans is constantly innovating our smart AI writing software. In order to do so, he listens to both the market and the customer. In addition, he is an AI expert and therefore the right person to tell you more about this topic.


How do you look at AI trends such as ChatGPT?

“ChatGPT is an AI tool for text generation. A very exciting topic, and text generation is very useful for specific defined applications. But there are some big challenges. Consider the degree of control over the texts that, in this case, ChatGPT generates. That’s super important, but also very complex,” Kyrill says.

“Looking at AI in general, it is increasingly important to explain where the information comes from. The EU is legislating for a reason. For example, you can deploy AI in the form of ‘machine-learning’. The computer then learns from data and thus becomes smarter and smarter. Think of training a computer to become the best at chess. So it can now do the same for producing texts based on information online, as with ChatGPT, or for coming up with facts on its own, as with Google’s Bard. But to what extent can you rely on this information? Is it ethical to invite someone for a job interview based on AI or not? Fortunately, this legal and ethical side of AI is getting more and more attention,” says Kyrill.


Where do you see Textmetrics within current AI trends?

“ChatGPT helps you generate texts that are quite coherent. That way, you quickly have a text on paper, which makes your working life even easier. But what if you want to have a text written within the frameworks that are already there? For example, when writing a job posting, think about the company you are recruiting for, the terms of employment and the specific skills and abilities. Then you are asking for something quite complex. That’s where Textmetrics complements an AI tool like ChatGPT. We set up Textmetrics’ smart AI writing software completely to our clients’ requirements. With the frameworks, branding and communication guidelines that are important to you,” Kyrill explains.

He continues, “With Textmetrics, you make the step towards a personalized text of the best quality. The smart AI writing software thereby takes work off your hands because you don’t have to think about things like branding, inclusive language and SEO yourself. You always get a text that appeals to your target audience, whether you write it yourself or have ChatGPT do it for you.”


How can Textmetrics’ AI assistance help you with day-to-day tasks?

“Textmetrics’ smart AI writing software is a great example of how AI makes your working life more fun and easier. It doesn’t take over your work, but it does help you write even better texts. You can do that with the text optimizer in our platform for text improvement. It gives you suggestions and advice on the language level and gender neutrality of your texts. And for optimizing your text for SEO. The result? You write good, inclusive texts in understandable language that appeal to your entire target group,” says Kyrill.

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