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November 24, 2023

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A conversation with our Customer Success Manager Koen Brummelhuis

Koen Brummelhuis works at Textmetrics as Customer Success Manager. We asked him some questions to get to know him, but first, we’d like to explain how to pronounce his very Dutch name. Of course, Koen will not mind if you mispronounce his name. He’s probably used to it. But you’ll definitely impress him if you get his name right on the telephone. That will make his day!


Koen Brummelhuis

Forget about his last name, just call him Koen. Pronounce the Dutch ‘oe’ as ‘oo’ like in ‘book’. If you greet him with ‘Hoi Koen’ he’ll know you’ve read this article and that you know everything about him.


Koen’s private life

Koen was born in Lochem, in the east of the Netherlands and moved to Nijmegen to study Commercial Economy. At the age of 28 he still lives there, close to the German border, with his girlfriend. They enjoy the social life in this small and vibrant university town. But Koen is also very sporty: all year around you can spot him speeding on his mountain bike, and in the winter he likes to go skiing and enjoy social life in the snow.


Textmetrics and Koen

Koen en Textmetrics are the perfect fit. He works half the time remote at home and the other half at the office. As the Customer Success Manager he is the first point of contact for many clients, and he guides new customers to implement Textmetrics software. He also collaborates with a lot of colleagues: “I discuss customer needs and requirements with my technical colleagues. I also talk about new customers with my colleagues from the sales department and stay in touch with support to keep up with customer issues.”


Successes and highlights at work

Since Koen doesn’t work according to a fixed schedule, his favorite moments can happen at any time. “These are the moments that I brainstorm with existing clients about their future Textmetrics strategy. There is nothing more gratifying than having a satisfied customer and knowing your contribution to their success.”
Koen is also grateful for all he learned at Textmetrics: “To listen well to customers and to genuinely stay in touch with them. To take initiative and make decisions.”


Koen’s vision for AI

Koen states that AI obviously has a tremendous impact on the development side of Textmetrics. “Customers ask me all the time about AI. I find all this very fascinating to follow, but it’s hard to stay well-informed these days. There are a lot of rapid changes in the AI-market and in development.”
When asked about his predictions for AI, Koen sees a major change in text writing. “I think AI will take over the primary writing process, but since AI always needs human oversight, the AI draft should be supervised, reviewed and humanized afterwards – hopefully with Textmetrics software!”

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