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Want to make communication as easy as it gets? Write your text with the customizable Smart AI Writing Software of Textmetrics.

“For everyone who writes, with people ,goals in mind”

“For everyone who writes, with people ,goals in mind”


  • Provides real-time assistance to guide the writer
  • Offers improvement suggestions when necessary
  • Addresses not only grammar but also corporate guidelines like inclusion, tone of voice, and bias


  • Texts are checked for corporate guideline compliance at scale
  • Non-compliance is quickly identified among thousands of stored documents
  • Textmetrics provides centralized control through management dashboards and analytics


Textmetrics has been designed to provide organizations with a grip and control over text written by individuals and generated by AI

  • Bias-free
  • Plagiarism-free
  • Corporate language
  • Inclusive language

How many difficult words does your text have?,Is your text written in an active voice?, Are you writing on a B1 level?, How many of your sentences are too long?

Find out below

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