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3 ways to improve your diversity recruitment strategy

How are your company’s diversity efforts coming along? Do you succeed in hiring people of different backgrounds, ages, and genders? Or do your diversity and inclusion goals seem to be out of reach? If so, there is some work to be done on your diversity recruitment strategy. But diversity recruitment is not as simple as it might seem. It’s all about hiring a team that reflects the general makeup of society. Women, men, and people of all ages, races, religions, and backgrounds. But also people with different experiences, skills and knowledge. How do you reach out to all of these people? 


How improve your diversity recruitment strategy

When your diversity recruitment strategy doesn’t lead to the desired effects, something needs to be done. How else are you going to reach your diversity and inclusion goals? The three tips below can help you further improve your diversity recruitment strategy:

  • Develop an employer brand that showcases diversity

A strong employer brand that is known for valuing diversity is important. People from different backgrounds all need to feel welcome at your company. Do they see you as a company that values diversity in a team? Then it’s more likely that they will want to work for you. You can develop a strong employer brand by encouraging current employees to talk about your business. For employer branding, it’s also important to work on your written communication. That you value diversity needs to be reflected in everything you publish.

  • Use blind resumes

In recruitment, bias often sneaks in. Unintentionally, you might invite more men than women for a job interview. Or you might consider all older employees to be too experienced to work for your company. To remove this bias, you can use blind resumes. By doing so, you invite people purely based on their education, skills, and experience.

  • Remove bias from your job ads

Job descriptions are also part of the recruitment process. Here, bias prevents some groups of people from applying. Sometimes women don’t feel spoken to, or words you use discourage older people from applying. To prevent this from happening, you should use inclusive language. When you use inclusive language, you minimize the number of people who feel excluded. Things like gender bias and age bias become a thing of the past. 


Use Textmetrics to improve your diversity recruitment strategy

You can use Textmetrics platform to improve your diversity recruitment strategy. Using algorithms based on artificial intelligence, it reads and analyzes your content. And it then gives you real-time suggestions for improvements. These improvements will help you: 

  • use more inclusive language to write job descriptions that are free of bias;
  • develop the right employer brand; and
  • find the right tone of voice for everyone in your target group.

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