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September 30, 2021

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3 tips to improve your diversity recruitment strategy

Are you struggling to reach your diversity and inclusion goals? Then you might need to improve your diversity recruitment strategy. Diversity recruitment is all about hiring a diverse range of people. And it’s not as easy as it might sound. Because how do you reach people from all ages, genders and races? And people who are also diverse in terms of their skills, education and experience? We’ll tell you all about it here. Discover our three tips to improve your diversity recruitment strategy.

How to improve your diversity recruitment strategy?

  1. Write inclusive job descriptions 

Research shows that most job descriptions don’t contain diverse and inclusive language. You need this to reach a diverse group of people. Currently, job descriptions often contain more masculine words (gender bias). As a result, women aren’t very likely to apply. Another problem is age bias, which mostly excludes older people. Inclusive language helps you out. You’ll end up with job descriptions that appeal to people of all ages and genders.  

  1. Create an employer brand that showcases your diversity

Most people who apply for a job research the company before doing so. It is important to show how diverse your company is. Because this diversity is an important factor in people’s decision to apply or not. So, what you need is a strong employer brand that is known for valuing diversity. Your employees play an important role here. You can use their stories and experiences to show how diverse your workforce is. 

  1. Proactively approach underrepresented candidates

If candidates from different backgrounds don’t come to you, you can always go to them. You can use social media platforms, like LinkedIn, to proactively reach out to a diverse group of applicants. It doesn’t hurt to take matters into your own hands. It’s a good first step to make your company more diverse.

How Textmetrics can help with your diversity recruitment strategy

The Textmetrics platform can help with your diversity recruitment strategy. For this, it uses algorithms to read and analyze your content. You’ll then receive real-time suggestions for improvements. These will guide you to use more inclusive language in your job descriptions. It also helps you develop an employer brand that showcases your diversity. Lastly, it assists with using the right tone of voice for everyone in your target group.

Curious about what that would mean for your diversity recruitment strategy? We’d love to tell you all about it.

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