Textmetrics for Carerix

Textmetrics is the world’s leading Smart Writing Assistant that helps you write inclusive job ads. It’s now available for Carerix users. On this page you can read more about Textmetrics and the partnership with Carerix.

About Textmetrics

Textmetrics is the world’s leading smart writing assistant that helps to write inclusive job ads

Our platform reads along while you write, analyzes your job ads and offers suggestions for improvement. Avoid gender bias, write inclusive and SEO-optimize your job ads for Google for Jobs. Most importantly, make sure that your text is written at the understandable language level B1.

Textmetrics contributes to:

  • Greater diversity of applicants for greater diversity in the workplace
  • Better quality of candidates.
  • Improve the quality of your job ads
  • Reach a larger group of potential candidates
Screenshot of the Textmetrics software being used on Recruitee's web-app

How does the partnership with Carerix work?

Textmetrics, the world’s leading smart writing assistant, has partnered with Carerix to provide mutual customers all-round feedback on their job ads writing. Meet your D&I goals and make sure nobody feels excluded while reading your content. Reach your full target audience.

Using the Carerix optimized Textmetrics Chrome extension, mutual customers can:

  • Analyze all kinds of content, texts and job ads
  • Click on ‘analyze content’, for direct content and SEO feedback. You can optimize your job ad for Google for Jobs for example
  • If you click on the D&I gender module box, you can choose your target audience: female, neutral or male
  • Choose replacements for gendered words to make sure that your text is optimized for your target audience and that the job ad addresses everyone within your target audience