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  • Analyse status of content quality
  • Set text related goals
  • Define workflows
  • Optimise existing content and assist all operators in creating new (optimised) content
  • Reporting environment
  • Tool integration


  • Onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Implementation Engineers
  • CMS plugins
  • Knowledgebase
  • Business Case Creation (Offline & Online content)
  • Custom integrations
  • In-company training


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Frequently Asked Questions

In what departments is Textmetrics used?

Textmetrics is used by all departments (Marketing, HR, Corporate Communications, Customers services, etc). All these departments can be assisted by Textmetrics to increase their communications with their target audiences. The more departments that use Textmetrics the better the insight in the business’ total communications will be.

Can you give examples of corporate / brand identity and KPI’s you can translate in algorithms?

Examples of corporate / brand identity algorithms are: inclusion, transparency, style guide compliancy (among many others)

Examples of KPIs are: SEO goal compliancy, higher conversion rates, lower cost of acquisition (among many others)

What about (printed) content like brochures, letters or emails?

The Textmetrics algorithms help to make text better. Wether it is printed, automated or online.

How does Textmetrics help people who are writing texts?

While writing text, Textmetrics offers real-time suggestions based upon the setting configuration of Textmetrics. While writing, Textmetrics also offers you a total score to see if you have hit the desired quality based on the account / organization settings.

Our content is created in Word / Google Docs / CMS, can we still use that?

Textmetrics can be used stand alone (app via internet), but we have plugins for common used systems like MS Word, Google Docs, Outlook and also for well known Content management systems. Custom integrations are possible thanks to our API.

How about existing content?

Textmetrics can scan all existing content and based on these insights, help you improve the quality.

How do we configure Textmetrics?

Our engineers will assist you configuring the tool. They help you translate your corporate identity and/or brand identity into useful algorithms. They also help you translate departmental goals into the right algorithms. These algorithmic settings can be used throughout the organisation to communicate better with your target audiences.

I hire an external company to write some of my content, how about them?

No problem, other companies can securely become part of the Textmetrics environment. Textmetrics will also assist them to write content according to the settings and you can monitor progress and quality!

What is the cost of licensing Textmetrics?

Pricing depends on usage and organisation size, we are happy to give scope your needs and present a quote. Just give us a call to: +026 808 0191

In which languages is Textmetrics available?

For a list of all features supported in which languages you can visit this page.

What kind of services do we offer?

Onboarding – we’ll help every user to fully discover all the capabilities that our tool has to offer.

Dedicated Account Manager – we’ll make sure all of our clients have a person dedicated to managing their accounts.

Implementation Engineers – they’ll make sure our tool will make a smooth transition within your organisation.

CMS plugins – we have a plugin for all of the most popular Content Management Systems.

Knowledgebase – if you’re stuck on something, please refer to our knowledgebase.

Custom Integrations – we’re always open to talk about on how to implement a fitting integration with the tools your organization is using

In-company training – we offer training to make sure your employees are able to use the full capability of our tool


What kind of capabilities does the tool have?

Textmetrics helps you analyse the status of your content quality and set text related goals. Define workflows for your team, optimise existing content and assist all operators in creating new (optimised) content. Use reporting environment and our various tool integrations to use Textmetrics in a way that suits your company best. For more information on how to deploy these capabilities check out our knowledgebase.

Which languages does the B1-module (Advanced Content Quality Analysis) work?

Languages supported: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portugese (PT and BR), Spanish and Polish.

Are you thinking about implementing Textmetrics within your company?

Please leave your contact information and get in touch with a specialist who can give you more information. This person will make sure all your questions get answered.

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"By being aware of how inclusive language should be written, Arcadis was able to increase the number of female candidates by 10%"

"Our new vacancy creation process (and re-writing of vacancies) has led to 18% more applications and 14% better conversion rates."

"With Textmetrics, we've seen 68% conversion rate growth, resulting in higher service requests for our platform."



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