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Augmented writing platform.

Textmetrics is an augmented writing platform that helps to write effective and accurate content (like job postings), and helps (recruitment) managers steer the impact of the postings with real data. We will learn you everything about our augmented writing platform, and the relation to diversity and inclusion.

Augmented writing platform – your writing assistant

An augmented writing platform can best be described as a technology that serves as a writing coach. So instead of having to implement the rules for inclusive writing yourself, an augmented writing platform can do this for you. Perhaps you’re excluding older people without even knowing it, or you’re using a more masculine tone of voice in your job descriptions. An augmented writing platform will point these things out to you and give you suggestions for a more inclusive tone of voice. An augmented writing platform can provide customized support, which allows you as an organization to publish better and inclusive written texts. The better and more inclusive your texts are written, the less people you exclude. This page will publish several papers about augmented writing platforms.

Latest news about augmented writing platforms

The benefits of an augmented writing platform

The benefits of an augmented writing platform

Gender bias, age bias and jargon. These are just a few of the things that prevent job descriptions from reaching your total target group. While reaching as many people as possible is the only way to achieve your company’s diversity and inclusion goals. An augmented...

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What Textmetrics Solves

Bias decoding

Low quantity of applicants

Insufficient quality of applicants

No diversity among applicants

Continuous training