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Readability (B1).

On this page you will find and learn everything about readability and writing your content at the understandable B1 level. And what the relation is to diversity and inclusion.

The importance of readability – write on B1-level

If you are an organization working on your diversity and inclusion goals then you need to consider readability in your texts. You don’t want people to feel excluded because texts are written in a too complex way. The desired reading level of texts is B1 based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). The vast majority of people understand B1 (this is the basic level), and if you aim for this you will have as little as possible to do with exclusion on the basis of reading level. The readability of your job descriptions is extremely important if you want a diverse workforce and wish to reach your diversity and inclusion goals. Following the rules for writing at B1 level can help you here, but they might prove more difficult than they seem. What you’ll need is a little help from technology. On this page several documents related to diversity and inclusion and readability will be published.

Writing on B1-level and the Textmetrics platform

The Textmetrics platform uses AI algorithms to assess the readability of your job descriptions, and it gives you suggestions on how to reach the desired B1 level. This is truly as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is follow the instructions you’re given. Before you know it, you’ll get more applications from candidates who contribute greatly to your goal of a more diverse workforce.

Latest news about the importance of writing on B1-level

Language level B1 and CEFR

Language level B1 and CEFR

Do you receive very few responses when you post a job online? If so, this can lead to several problems. One is the very limited number of suitable candidates to choose from. Another is a lack of diversity among the candidates that do apply. It’s time to find out why...

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The importance of language level B1 in job ads

The importance of language level B1 in job ads

Diversity and inclusion are more important than ever. Not only because being a diverse and inclusive company is the right thing to do. Also, because diversity plays an essential role in the profitability of a company. And because the qualified candidates you want to...

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