What is SEO?

What is SEO? This question will be answered in this ‘SEO guide’. We’ll explain to you what SEO means and how you practice it the right way but also why a good Google ranking is so important and how Textmetrics helps you with that.


Emma has a web shop and sells shoes and bags. Emma has created a web page for every shoe type. For this example we highlight one web page: the page about black high heels.
Let’s calculate with the numbers below:
  • Monthly, 10,000 persons are searching for ‘black high heels’ in the search engine.
  • The average conversion in Emma’s web shop is 1%
  • The average order value is €80,-
Before Emma started with Textmetrics, her page about black high heels was on position 45 in the search results and generated around 100 visitors per month. After Emma optimized this web page using Textmetrics, her page climbed higher in the search results and was on the 5th position on the first page. An increase of 40 positions in the search engine means for Emma:
  • + 725 more unique visitors per month
  • + €332,50 more turnover (with a conversion percentage of 1% and average order value of €80,-)

Remember, in this example there’s only one page optimized!

SEO: The big fact list

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