What is SEO?

What is SEO? This question will be answered in this ‘SEO guide’. We’ll explain to you what SEO means and how you practice it the right way but also why a good Google ranking is so important and how Textmetrics helps you with that.


With Textmetrics you work on the optimization of your content step by step:

  • Help finding the best keywords for your website
  • SEO suggestions which you can apply directly
  • Smart page trackers to monitor the progress of your SEO activities
  • Extra tools to write even better web texts
  • Extended knowledgebase with articles and videos about SEO and Textmetrics
  • We update the SEO rules monthly: your web texts always complies to the latest SEO rules.

Step by step keyword research

With the Keyword Suggestion Module we help you finding the best keyword for your web text. You can do keyword analysis yourself!

Easy SEO feedback

Textmetrics gives SEO suggestions which you can apply directly, while writing! The progress is displayed in the optimization score. When you have reached a 100% optimization score, your text is fully SEO proof!


By setting smart page trackers you can monitor the progress in your Google ranking. The trackers give you weekly insights on your position in the search results.

import & export

You can start quickly using our import- and export features. Your published web text can be imported in one click. Satisfied with your text? You can export the web text via email or Word!

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